Building a business is like playing Tetris

Last Update: November 02, 2016

Hi everyone! I just joined WA and I am addicted to learning as much as I can. I've always wanted to build a successful business and I've tried a couple times. I've owned a food cart and a brick and mortar restaurant. Oh my goodness - my passion was there, but I couldn't get all the pieces together to make it successful.

So, it brings me back to a game that I loved to play when I was in college - Tetris. The goal of this game is to make all these puzzle pieces fit together at the bottom of the screen before it starts piling up to the top. As the game progresses, the pieces fall down faster and faster. I really got good at it and made it to many levels. It was exciting when I made it through!

Well, I liken building a business to Tetris. You have to fit the pieces together. With my 2 previous businesses, my "puzzle pieces" did not fit. I lost the game. Why did I lose the game? Because I thought I knew how to build the business game but I didn't really have any help. I just kind of went head first, reading a lot on the internet but no real game coach. The pieces piled up very quickly and ultimately, game over.

But, here I am trying again. But this time, WA is helping me, training me and I think this is going to be my time to win the game. After I win the game, I'll be sure to teach you all.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to success and hearing about your stories!


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JeffDolson Premium
Thanks for sharing
StepChook Premium
It certainly is a lot like Tetris!
MPollock Premium
Nice work, thanks, for sharing.
Cindy624 Premium
drjec Premium
That's a good anlogy. Put the pieces you learn together and wow!
Cindy624 Premium
Thanks for reading! I used to be so addicted to Tetris that I literally was seeing little Tetris pieces while I was studying. I tried playing it recently and I'm still pretty good at it, but I rather be doing something that has a better ROI. LOL!