Learning and Being Sick

Last Update: April 28, 2014

Yup, I'm ranting on about being sick again (for the past 5 weeks)! I spent 7 hours at the emerg yesterday. They gave me an iv, 3 nitro pills, 2 ecg, and 2 sets of blood work (6 hours apart). I'm already on the waiting list to go to a Cardiologist. Now...are you ready for this...they said at the hospital that there was nothing wrong with my blood or my heart! They say I'm have panic attacks from the headaches that I thought were because of the heart thing that was supposed to be going on! Now it's off for a CAT scan and MRI, then to a Neurologist!

Concentrate on Your Goals

Every day I get up and feel yucky. But, every day, I get up and spend what time I can on Wealthy Affiliates. Sometimes I can't concentrate on the lessons, so I read some blogs, maybe answer a question or two. Sometimes, my head feels pretty good and I can work on some training and my web page.

I want to learn how to do this and I'm not letting being ill stand in my way. It's like being in mud...I keep going forward but at a slower speed. I have my goals and I keep reminding myself of them every single day!

Focus Is The Key To Success

Everyone has reasons why they have slow down periods in this learning process. It could be work, family, outside commitments, trips, ect. The point is, don't let it get you down! Just keep on working at whatever speed you can until whatever is getting in the way passes! My suggestion is, if at all possible, in the beginning, spend at least a little time on this site or working on your own site, every day. It keeps you focused and you won't tend to fall too far behind.

That being said, don't forget to take a day off once in a while! That helps to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Balancing Your Life and Success

I personally know of someone who was the soul provider for cable tv (this is before everyone had satelite) in town. He lived and breathed his business, taking his children with him and teaching them about his business. He took a bit of time off every now and then to "play" with his family. He was married only once and they celebrated their 50th anniversary just before he passed away. His children adored him and he had a lot of friends.

He sold his business for over a million dollars! Not bad for a grade 8 graduate! He learned the priceless lesson of balancing his personal life and his work. He became successful and he took it one step at time.

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DNave Premium
Not sure what took you to the ER to begin with but I was just in the same situation with my mom. My mom had horrible aching pain in her arms, went to the ER, lots of tests, EKG, and nothing was wrong. They told her it might be anxiety, pathetically, over what the pain might be. Really?
Anyway when we took her home we did some messages and some reflexology and the next day she felt great. We also reduced some of the stress around her. It's amazing to me how much the mind has control over the body.
All that said, I hope you are feeling better and are balancing your personal life and your work. I think it's a struggle for all of us.
Cinaje Premium
My Dr told me if I was feeling distressed (in the chest area) to get to the ER. I had been having this since I got a cold virus about 5 weeks ago. I've had a headache all along but blamed it on the cold and/or the sinus infection. The chest discomfort came about week two but wasn't much so I blamed the headache on the fact that my blood pressure must have spiked or my sugar dropped. (I don't have diabetes nor do I have blood pressure issues) I didn't realize that the headache was a seperate issue and since I wasn't pay one bit of attention to it, I guess my body must have decided to take drastic measures! And yes, my Dr was made aware of the headaches on my many visits to him.
dazzling Premium
You are a real trooper - good for you and I hope you get better soon
Cinaje Premium
thanks...i'm working on it!
Bethamy Premium
Hi Cinaje, I hope that everything works out well and your on the road to recovery. Good blog, how true.
Cinaje Premium
Thanks :)
tomtitty006 Premium
Wishing you all the best with your health.A good blog with a lot of truth in it.
Cinaje Premium
Trialynn Premium
Ya gotta stay alive to be able to follow that wonderful advice!
Cinaje Premium
Oh I'm not going for a dirt nap just yet! I believe this is all part of the "cold" virus I picked up 5 weeks ago.