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Last Update: Nov 9, 2020

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I have to be honest, I almost didn't do this, as in, I almost didn't upgrade to Premium Plus+ Yearly.

When Kyle & Carson first launched this new platform, along with the new membership level, I was very skeptical about upgrading, especially as I was a Yearly Black Friday Member, and jumping from $299 per year to $795 was a huge leap, and for what? What would we gain by spending, sorry, I mean investing ;-) another $500 per year?

Well, even just thinking about it now, it still seems like a lot, and I don't tend to make decisions quickly. I have been looking at this for about a week now, taking it all in, listening to other members view points, even to my own views that I have mentioned on various replies.

I was also adamant that I wasn't going to "try" PP+ Monthly, even though I would receive it "free" until the 26th January 2021, as my May Black Friday Membership would have been cut in half from 6 Months to 3 Months, as PP+ is twice as expensive as Premium, when paying Monthly, which I was prepared to do, but I didn't want to lose access to the Yearly Only Training, which some members have provided for us. Going Premium Plus+ should enable access to everything, not just some parts, but again, going Yearly would have been a huge price difference.

So why now?

Well, after speaking with numerous members, especially Cassi of Troy, it quickly became apparent that this was not a deal to be missed!

The main advantages for me are:

  • Access to the new Expert Classes
  • My Web Hosting is increased from 25 Domains to 50 Domains (ignoring the SiteRubix versions)
  • Jaaxy Enterprise
    • Instant Results are a huge time saver
    • Increased SiteRank Scans
  • The opportunity to Downgrade back to Premium Yearly for just $299 per year
  • Grandfathered in to PP+ Yearly for just $795, saving $200 per Year
  • 200 Community Credits Every Year
  • 2 Domain Name Credits Every Year
  • And the best one of all, by paying $795 today, 1 Year was added to my current renewal date, meaning that I will be here as a PP+ Member until at least 2nd May 2022

Although I'm not sure if that is good or bad for you ;-)

This gives me at least 18 months to fully put PP+ through its paces, and to continue building my businesses, without worrying about my membership or making any future decisions about what to do, allowing me to fully focus.

It also means, and demonstrates, my commitment to Wealthy Affiliate, my Referrals, and yourselves, that I will not be going anywhere, and that I am in this for the long haul.

It's a No Brainer!!

This offer, if broken down monthly, goes from $25 per month ($299 / 12), to $52.50 per month (($795 + ($299 / 2)) / 18), so for an extra $27.50 per month, I double my hosting capacity, gain access to Jaaxy Enterprise, I am able to watch all Expert Classes, and I also receive those Community and Domain Name Credits.

So, if you are a Black Friday Member, and still deciding whether to Upgrade or not, or if you have discounted the thought of upgrading, I would highly recommend reconsidering and looking into the financial's and the benefits again.

By going Premium Plus+ Yearly Today, I am saving $46.50 per month compared to paying $99 per month, or saving $30.50 per month compared to paying $83 ($995 / 12) per month on the new Yearly price.

You might even get a better deal than myself if you have more time remaining on your current membership, as I know one member is now with us for at least 22 months, compared to my 18 months.

If you have any questions about this, by all means, ask them below, and I will do my best to answer them for you. There are still some gray areas, but I have been studying this for a week now, and very happy with my decision to upgrade, and I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't worth my while.

If you would like to read some other members reasonings and thoughts, you can find these here:

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Hey Chrystopher, I'm glad that you've taken the upgrade and were able to break down the huge savings offered in this initial launch. I know that you are going to love what Premium Plus can offer your business.

All members of WA whether Starter, Premium, or Premium Plus can look forward to a very exciting time ahead as we roll out updates, new features, new training, and more efficient and better ways to communicate.

Lots in the works and I'm glad you'll be here to experience it all!

Thank you Carson and yes, I'm definitely looking forward to it :-) I've been here about 8 months so far, and I can already see the benefits and possibilities. WA is an amazing platform and community, and what better way to demonstrate that, than committing to its and mines future :-) Yourself, Kyle and the team have something amazing and I'm blessed to be a part of it :-)

You should worth going to PP+ since you are a high siphon of new knowledge and expertise. $500 is nut compared to the value you get. The best is you can transfer good stuff to all newbies like me. Please aware of us waiting for your stronger guidance after you have joined PP+.

No worries Stephen and thank you ;-)

Congratulations Chrystopher!

I didn't yet, but I plan to upgrade at some point next year. I am delighted about the Premium+ upgrade option. It's the best deal in internet marketing.

I am working on some additional marketing projects keeping me away from WA, yet at the same time are crucial to bringing in more revenue, especially more WA referrals. 😊

Big things happening. 🚀

Thank you Nathan and sounds great, hope it's going well for you :-)

I just saw your post and laughed....I did the same thing!

I also did the calculations yesterday and decided that it would be worth it. For me, it's mainly training and Jaaxy. I want to see them both first hand.

Congrats, and I'm sure we are all looking forward to the new features!

haha that's awesome to hear and welcome to the club ;-)

Hey Chrystopher! Upgrading to PP+ is really a No Brainer to those premium members who are also paying Pro Jaaxy ($49 mo.)... PP+ includes Jaaxy Enterprise ($99 mo.)... so there's actually a lot of savings there....

I gathered you got your PP+ extended until 2022... I'm on yearly Premium membership ($495)... will my membership be also extended to 2022 if I upgrade now?

Thank you Rose, and sorry I didn't see this until the offer had ended, but from what I believe, as you are on the $495 plan, your remaining time would be prorated, rather than extended.

Hi Chrystopher, great decision! 🎉 I'm glad you upgraded so then, as an active member, you can share with us, Premium members, your experience and tutorials on what you learn in the expert classes🙏. Just an idea!! 😁
Its a good bundle offer but I will upgrade at a later date when I can dedicate more time to WA. Cheers! Marisa

haha thank you Marisa, and yeah, that is definitely an idea haha

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