Loooong Break

Last Update: Jan 16, 2014


Hi guys,

I'm finally back after a loooong break. Before the Holidays some of my Family in Tennessee that needed a little help. Because it was so close to the Holidays, I had to "adjust" my spending.

Unfortunately, that meant I had to cut WA(among other things) for a while. I needed the extra $$ and I wasn't going to be able to spend anytime here during that period anyway.

I can tell you one thing for sure

When you've been a member of WA for a while, leaving for even a few days is rough. I literally had withdraws, well maybe it wasn't that bad.

I was lucky enough to have friends like Nathaniell and Ryan(and lots more) telling me what was going inside WA, so that kept the withdraws down to a minimum. But, I'm back now and you all have to deal me.

I don't plan on taking any more looong breaks for a while. I'm sure there are lots of new members for me to meet, so lets get to it!

p.s. If I didn't respond to anyone's questions or comments in the last month or so...it's because I was on a loooong break. #looongbreak

Recent Comments


Hey, welcome back Chris. Got so used to seeing you on G+ if seems like you were never gone. All the best, man.

I was happy to be able to see so many of my friends from WA on G+ during the break. It helped.

I know about the withdrawls! It's like not talking to friends for awhile!


haha! yep, it's the same thing.

Welcome back, come dive back in and make wonderful leaps forward!!

Thanks Terea, I've been diving in all morning. Trying to catch up on blogs and any training I may have missed.

Hi Christopher, glad to see you back; I know the feeling. Thanks for the follow though and hang in there. See you around the community.


I see that repeating theme all the time -- people have to step away but they really appreciate it when they get back to WA

Some are gone for weeks, some for years -- but they make it back.

Gets in the blood -- some call it addictive, some call it family. But not a bad type of addiction or bad type of family!

Welcome back and best in 2014 and beyond!

Yep, that's one more thing I like about WA. Most of the people you see here, you know will be here for a while, even if they do take a break.

Love the part up above some where you say you still have a twitch -- is like tremors from withdrawal? :)

haha, yeah Mike, I was trying suggest I was still suffering from withdraws.

Well come on in and take a load off! Great to see you!


Welcome :) I too, have had various factors affecting my involvement the past couple of months. I shall return though, even if a bit ungracefully. Life. Full of split ends and too short new slippers...

Graceful entrances are over rated anyway.

Reminds me of Linus...when Lucy wondered why he didn't shine the back of his shoes, he replied that he only cared about what people thought when he *entered* the room. What they thought when he left, well just too bad! Good attitude (and saving shoe shine polish money).

Hi chris welcome back have a successful year.

Thanks Mike, you too.

Welcome back. I know where you are coming from…..


Welcome back, I know what you mean, WA is addicting.

Thank you, yes it is.

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