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Last Update: Aug 5, 2013


Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since my last blog post here. But, I have been checking in at least once every other day. I check in to see the new members and offer my help to anyone who may need it. One thing I've noticed, is that WA continues to bring in truly helpful & caring people. This is what makes our little community one of a kind.

So, in the spirit of being helpful I wanted to remind you of a few of the resources WA members offer that happen to be "outside" WA. This is just a small list that I decided to put together quickly. So, there are probably many others that I'm forgetting or may not even be aware of.

WSS. Writers secret society, which started out on Facebook and has since moved to Google+. This group of people is dedicated to helping each other by reading, commenting and sharing each other's work. A lot of folks from WA are members of WSS, including myself. @tommo1968 is the person who manages the community on Google+
Here's the community URL

Fresh + Coffee Hangout Every Thursday at 7pm EST Myself and @nathaniell have been hosting a hangout for about two months. We talk about SEO, Social media, WA and pretty much anything else that comes up. We try to keep it related marketing and answering questions we think people may have. @Wtbee2013 joined us last week and I think she'll be joining us again.

After Wabby Hangout Each week, immediately following Jay's webinar, a few folks from WA get together on Google plus and....well hangout. They discuss the webinar that everyone has just attended and try to clear up any question you may have. @magistudios(jay) himself has been known to make a few appearances. Hows that for your celebrity update This hangout is hosted by our very own @Labman

So there ya' go. A sort list of helpful WA members and other resources to get you moving in the right direction. Hope to see all of you joining in on all the fun soon!

Thanks for stickin' around,

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Hope to join you Chris at Fresh + this week and will look for the WSS. After Wabby was my first and was just accepted in - The Hangout where several WA members are also.
G+ hangouts are another dimension in our training and learning the IM world. Thank you for this post, am sure others will too! ^_~

Great! Hope to see you there.

This is great Chris. and you are so right all of those resources are great, everyone should really try to attend. You get to meet some of your brothers and sisters in WA face to face, and ask all those questions that take time to write first hand.

Its not all work, we do some spend some time laughing and encouraging, one another.

God bless hope to see you there.

Thanks Kymee. you're right about it not all being work. I have a lot of fun with each of those places.

Thanks for the plug. I'd like to try to visit with you and Nathaniell too. I'll try to put it on my radar.

That'd be great! thanks

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