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Last Update: Apr 1, 2022

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Only a few months ago did I get more active on Linkedin although I signed up for it years ago. Networking on Linkedin is great, and recently a long time friend and I decided to connect on that platform. She gave me a great tip.

Linkedin has several great features that can help your profile get noticed, and one of them is "Recommendations".

How does it Work?


You can ask your contacts to write a recommendation for you and you can also pick a contact and write one for them. It's quite straightforward and as soon as you request or write a recommendation, Linkedin does the rest and notifies the user via chat and email.

I created a training to show you how to do this. If we all helped each other and wrote recommendations on each other's profiles, it would give our profiles (and websites) a boost. We can highlight each other's skills, qualities, how we met, and everything else that usually goes in a recommendation, but most of all also our websites or other channels that can do with some mentioning. Maybe a particular article opened your eyes about something or you learned something new, or an article about a specific topic came to you at the right time, or you enjoy that blogger's writing thoroughly, etc. I'm just thinking out loud here through my keyboard ;-)

I haven't created many trainings yet; this is only my second one, but hopefully it helps :-)

I hope it is useful :-)

Linkedin - How to Receive and Give Recommendations (

Recent Comments


I will check it, Christine.
Thank you.

Great! Have a nice weekend!

You too. Thanks.

I, too, have been a LinkedIn member for some time, but don't really do much with it. I guess I should give it a try.

It has some great features. I'm also still discovering them :-)

Nice to hear from you again, Christine.
Are you still in Baja?

Paul from Canada.

Hey Paul!

Yes, still in the Baja :-) How have you been?

Great, thank you.

Keep well.


Sounds awesome, Christine! I might have a look later on!

I hope everything is going well, and that you have an excellent Frisatsu (weekend)!


Thanks Jeff!

All is good. Have a great weekend too! :-)

You're very welcome, Christine, and I am very glad to hear that!


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