What Has Music Got To Do With Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

Last Update: November 29, 2013

I am passionate about many things in life, one of which is music and playing my recorder. I have started sharing my natural interests on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

I already have pictures on my phone of the things I love, so why not use them and share them? I have discovered that people love pictures, so I am starting to use them more.

This morning I have been discovering Youtube.

Believe it or not, even though I know Youtube, I have not been using it a lot. Using it to find recorder music and musicians had not even occurred to me, don't ask me why not.

I now understand why my son stays glued to the computer listening to music on Youtube with his headphones. He was the main reason we upgraded our internet connection to uncapped at home.

It is very easy to share the things you are passionate about and this morning I found two very interesting musicians on youtube with delightful music which lifts my soul.

The two artists are Stefan Temmingh ,South African born ( Cape Town ) and German artist Dorothee Oberlinger.


Temming plays RV 443 Allegro molto Vivaldi


Temming with the Cape Philharmonic


Dorothee Oberlinger playing RV 443 Allegro Vivaldi

This is the concerto by Vivaldi which started my passion for recorders 12 years ago.

Other fantastic players


Michala Petri


Spinosi playing“La notte”Vivaldi


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judebanks Premium
Lovely share, thanks Christine.~Jude
christine2 Premium
thank you Jude!
alexisnilo Premium
Thanks for sharing.
christine2 Premium
My pleasure!
pcook410 Premium
I love music......all kinds! Thanks for sharing, Beate. Music just lifts my spirit and makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

christine2 Premium
Happy thanks giving to you as well!
Blessings44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Beate. Music relaxes your body and soul, which makes it a lot easier to work!
christine2 Premium
I could do this all day and not do any work at all!
Trialynn Premium
Glad your mind is happily at work!
christine2 Premium
I am actually learning quite a bit about marketing simply through having fun!