Ideas Need Dialog to Develop

Last Update: January 31, 2014

I have been on bootcamp a while now and am still on level 2 although I have done some social marketing courses and tutorials and have found my way around facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and have content up on each.

I am even registered on Tumblr.

In the 6 months that I have been here I have been quite overwhelmed with all the new information and have needed some time to digest it all and get some more focused ideas about marketing.

I was a little stuck with my website, , trying to get a clear idea on how to organise it and improve appearance, also where to put more content.

I went to chat last night to see if someone could give me suggestions and help and put up a discussion this morning in classrooms:

I then sat down with a friend and had a look at Kyle's website, seeing how it is organised and thinking about how to organise mine. Several hours must have gone into all this, slowgoing but absolutely essential.

I must say that at last my website is clearer in my mind with a plan that I have jotted down in my notebook (paper) and the conclusion is:

Dialogue is essential. It helps us to crystallise our thoughts and plan forward.

Dialogue can be personal, on chat, in private messaging or as a discussion, and I want to encourage anybody who is stuck to make use of these avenues in order to get unstuck!

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Karyskis Premium
Congrats! Keep up the good work.
MikeGue323 Premium
Hi, Christine2.-Great advice, I would just ad the good counsel of my 84 yr grandfather; "Always put Attention - Interest - Desire - Action" in context. 1.-How do you plan to get my attention when talking about 'scams'?; 2.-What are you using to get my Attention/to listen to you?; 3.-Can you create Desire in my mind to listen or to action on your advice? 4.-Do you have some 'tactic' to incite me to act on your advice? Just a thought for your consideration while "dialoging". If it helps, see my
christine2 Premium
I will take note of this, probably stick it in my notebook and digest it slowly!
acoolmil Premium
Problems online and offline are resolved better with dialogue, whether it is to do with the merits of a particular plugin or peace negotiations in the Middle East.
Wayne Wallace Premium
Yes, things take time to gel, my new is proof of that. I've been thinking about this for over a year now, what exactly to do with it. Now that I'm hear with wealthy affiliate and with the things I've learned this past year it all came together. I have a master plan and working hard to execute it.
Michelle12 Premium
Absolutely, talking is essential. It often takes a different pair of eyes and brain to see what we miss. Well done on sticking with it and getting there.

I like your site, it's a very simple and stylish looking theme and I really like the bright blue at the top, very cheery. Just be careful of using pics from pay sites, without paying. The mentoring and 'good luck in your exams' pix have watermarks in them. If the company's who produced them came across your website, you could be in big trouble.

Glad to see you have a much clearer vision of where you want to go with your site.
christine2 Premium
Thanks for pointing that out, it was one of the google or chrome pictures.