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Last Update: March 25, 2017

🔸Number of bones - 206
🔹Number of muscles - 639
🔸Number of kidneys - 2
🔹Number of milk teeth - 20
🔸Number of ribs - 24 (12 pairs)
🔹Number of chambers in the heart - 4
🔸Largest artery - Aorta
🔹Normal Blood pressure - 120 - 80
🔸PH of blood - 7.4
🔹Number of bones in New born body - 300
🔸Number of vertebrae in the spine - 33
🔹Number of vertebrae in the Neck - 7
🔸Number of bones in Face - 14
🔹Number of bones in Skull - 22
🔸Number of bones in Chest - 25
🔹Number of bones in Arms - 6
🔸Number of bones in human foot - 33
🔹Number of bones in each wrist - 8
🔸Number of bones in hand - 27
🔹Number of bones in each human ear - 3
🔸Number of muscles in the human arm - 72
🔹Largest organ - Skin
🔸Largest gland - Liver
🔹Smallest cell - Blood cell
🔸Biggest cell - Egg cell (ovum)
🔹Smallest bone - Stapes
🔸First transplanted organ - Heart
🔹Average length of small intestine - 7 m
🔸Average length of large intestine - 1.5 m
🔹Average weight of new born baby - 2.6 kg.
🔸Pulse rate in one minute - 72 times
🔹Body Temperature - 36.9o C (98.4o F)
🔸Average blood volume - 4 - 5 liters
🔹Average life of RBC - 120 days
🔸Pregnancy period - 280 days
🔹Largest endocrine gland - Thyroid
🔸Largest lymphatic organ - Spleen
🔹Largest cell - Nerve cell
🔸Largest part of brain - Cerebrum
🔹Largest & strongest bone - Femur
🔸Smallest muscle - Stapedius (Middle ear )
🔹Number of chromosomes in human cell - 46 (23pairs)
🔸Largest muscle - Buttock (Gluteus Maximus)
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MKearns Premium
Here's another interesting fact. When we donate blood we give up about 10% of our composition!

The average human body has 5.6 liters of blood, which converts into 11.2 (average) pints of blood children under the age of 13 may have around 8 or lower. Men can vary between 10 and 12 pints depending on size, while woman are 8-10, again depending on size.
chrisphemy Premium
Thanks for the additional info Michael
drcmaint Premium
Well, parts is parts.
chrisphemy Premium
Karax Premium
that's interesting
chrisphemy Premium
YBMediaClub Premium
Thanks for the info
chrisphemy Premium
You are welcome
KDoll1 Premium
What does all of this mean, please explain?
chrisphemy Premium
Facts about a human body. They are all components of human body. Hope you understand it more now?
KDoll1 Premium
Thank you!
chrisphemy Premium
You are welcome Karen