Tracking Is SO much fun!

Last Update: March 26, 2016

I always get excited about stats of any kind, so I expected to get a thrill out of tracking my website stats. But I never expected to get THIS excited.

Take a look at this pic and tell me it doesn't blow your mind too.

It's from Google Analytics, as a result of a FaceBook PPC campaign I'm trialling.

It shows me:-

  • Where my site visitors initially came in from
  • What page of my site they first landed on
  • What page they went to after that first page
  • I can follow them through ALL the pages they visited until they left the site
  • I can see how many dropped out
  • And what page they were on when they dropped out
  • I can see how long they stayed on any one page
  • and there's GALLONS more


When I add this to the FaceBook PPC stats I AM IN HEAVEN!

I can't wait to add this to my tracker link stats, and the site stats I already get from my hosting company.

Joy Oh Joy Unbounded!

And it's only been 2 days!

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LLiu Premium
Chris this sounds as though you found something that works for you and yes it is very exciting to see what is happening on your site!
Thank you,
Linda :)
ChrisGooden Premium
Oh I've found plenty stuff that works here at WA, it's a goldmine. This was just one test of many.
Sheila50 Premium
Sounds like you found something that works and works great! Great job.
ChrisGooden Premium
Plenty of stuff at WA works, and works brilliantly. I've run several tests. This was just one.
LizPB Premium
Good work!
philaccardo Premium
Is this your main tracking system (FB tracking) for your marketing? Have you heard of Click Magic?
ChrisGooden Premium
I'm not sure that I have a "main" tracking system. If I have then it's probably 12secondcommute.

The reason I've used FB tracking here is because it's a FB test.
Loes Premium
That looks really great! Even a lot of organic!
ChrisGooden Premium
Yes, I need to drill the organics. Maybe that's where Jaaxy stats will shine some light.

Trouble is, now I keep refreshing the page, to watch the stats changing, when I should be getting on with something more productive.
Loes Premium
Haha, sounds like an addiction;)
ChrisGooden Premium
Oh yeah, there's a ton of stuff just like this to tempt you away from real work. As Loes says, it's addictive.