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Last Update: April 11, 2016

Email marketing is about building an email list, and then developing a relationship with your subscribers, which is of benefit and value to both of you.

It's astonishingly simple to do.

And amazingly profitable.

It's also spectacularly simple to do completely wrong.

I am constantly amazed at the number of new members who create a website with a popup, which is shoved right in your face, the very second you arrive on the site.

Even before you've had the time to find out what the site is about, never mind whether it has anything of relevance to say.

This type of site WILL FAIL. It CANNOT succeed.

If you want to learn how to do it right, then use the WA training. There is a TON of it here.

This is what I found simply by typing "list build" into the white search box at the top of every WA page.


Do it the right way and start making money.

Stop scaring your customers out the door.

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Deadshot Premium
Thank you so much ! It helped me a lot :) kudos
Maja977 Premium
Hi Chris! Thank you for this!
BoldChanges Premium
Great list. I am bookmarking this so I can return and work on these!
Keith10 Premium
That's a well organised and impressive list - I will add it to my list.
Thanks Chris.
JavierLopez Premium
So important to have the right advice from the get go. Advice also needs to be current. Things change and online they change often. Advice needs to be updated as often as it changes.

Pushy marketers that "scare me out the door" don't get my trade. I go elsewhere and never go back!