Motivational Quote for March, 2016

Last Update: March 01, 2016

"The only real limitation on what you can accomplish is the level of intensity of your desire. If you really want something badly enough, there are almost no limits on what you can achieve." Brian Tracy

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SadieChan Premium
Yes, I remembered once my swimming instructor pushed me over on the deepest part of the swimming pond when I was just learning how to swim.
Loes Premium
Make me think about the story of the apprentice, he asked his master how he could succeed. And the master took him to the pond and kept his head under the water. After a minute or so, the apprentice gasped, and cried out, what were you doing! And the master said to him, When your desire to succeed is as much as your desire to breathe just now, you will succeed.
JonStevens Premium
Great post!
Mac01 Premium
Very true, Chermc. It's a great quote, thanks for sharing! :)