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Last Update: November 22, 2015

Hello everyone.

It’s been weeks since my last posting. I trust everyone is well.

I read other fellow member writing on social media this morning (Hong Kong time) and shared their bad experience being spammed by others people on the social media platforms. I want to write here to express my feeling and opinion.

I've been with Linkedin since 2003 and FB since 2008.I can barely say so far so good in terms of privacy/security. There has not been too many unwanted approaches from people with unwelcome motives. Up to now I have more than 3000 connections on Linkedin and 600 FB friends. I've been very careful both in selecting my connecting targets as well as accepting connection/friends requests. Through these networks, I've been able to secure opportunities for myself as well as for clients/employers I’ve served. So overall I'm glad I've been benefited from these online social activities.

Linkedin is mean for more serious business people and companies. I have friends in human resources function with Fortune 500 companies constantly searching potential talent to fill up their team, as well as friends who were approached by their existing employers to join the companies through Linkedin. According to them, they’re all so far content with what they achieved here.

Overall I think the benefit of taking part in these social media overshadows the disadvantageous by-products (i.e. scam/spam) they inevitably binging about. The more popular and the more individuals/businesses using these media for their business purposes, the more likely that people with evil motives are doing same. Imagine that you own and run a retail store in the real world, you get more walk in customers into your store. But at the same time more people (not customers) just come in to take advantage from you. I’m sure you would rather have more people to walk in to your store even though some of them may be passers-by or even trespassers. In order to avoid to be scammed, due care should be taken when adding and accepting friends.

I’ve been receiving from time to time scam offers through Linkedin, so much that now I can somehow figure out their scam nature from the outset. Hence I would encourage any WA members to join (if you haven’t).

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profitsrgood Premium
Linkedin is a very valuable business tool. The MLM'ers however do like to spam! I can usually smell them a mile off when they ask to connect to me. The worst ones bulk message lots of people so that you end up seeing all the complaints that are bulk messaged back!
chengckalex Premium
In one of the similar scenarios that I came across before, I ended up connected with a few other bona fide members who made the spam complaints.
Funkydunc208 Premium
I have joined LinkedIn this year and even though I get so called "spam" from them, I use these emails as reminders to keep active in the social media forums. They can help me connect with others. Who knows where that will lead to?
Stephanie33 Premium
Good observations Cheng and helpful advice. Thank you.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Alex , thank you for your review and recommendation. This is one of the great things about wealthy affiliate, getting advice from members real life experiences. Thank you so much for sharing.
chengckalex Premium
You're welcome. It's my honour.
sydlippett Premium
Hello Cheng,many thanks for this information.
Kind regards,Syd