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All of us here at WA need to be able to write consistent blog articles for our sites. The question many newbies ask is, how much time does it take to write a blog post?The answer is going to vary by each of our own writing skills, along with our knowledge of a topic we are writing about. It will also vary by the research we do as well.According to the latest research, in 2019 it takes 3 hours and 57 minutes to write a quality blog post. In 2014, it only took 2 hours and 24 minutes.According to
Search Engine Journal just published another great article and anyone who uses Facebook adds, or anyone who plans to use Facebook adds needs to read it. It is full of useful and current information, including great illustrations showing you what to do.I highly recommend this to all here: is not an affiliate link, but is awesome information we need to be aware of.
Google has released yet another core update and this one is big. If you saw your traffic suddenly drop in the last week or so, it is most likely do to this update.My go to for all things SEO and Google, is Neil Patel. He is awesome and since he took over Ubersuggest, it has become an amazing free tool for all of us. I even wrote a full review of it.Here is a link to some great information on the latest Google release and what you can do about it:
Yes, that is right, Google has changed things again. The way we do links, including nofollow, follow, exclude, etc is changing by Google once again. It is getting really hard to keep up.Rather than bore you with the details, here are two great sources that I rely on for the latest updates, that tell you everything you need to know about the latest link rules in Google: are not a
You are here to be a successful affiliate, right? That is, besides helping people in some way and maybe making a little cash along the way.I think it is time you all knew the secrets to success here at WA.My Secrets to Success at Wealthy AffiliateYou must follow the training step-by-step.Do not try to take shortcuts with shiny objects' syndrome.Watch all of Jay's Weekly Training Videos.Follow the training one step at a time.Stay focused and dedicated to the process.Follow the training and don't
Can you really take a 7 day cruise to Alaska and still make money online?The answer is a resounding YES! The picture is the actual ship I was on, the Norwegian Joy.I just got back from an amazing Alaskan Cruise on the inside passage. I was not allowed to bring my computer or use my phone to do any work. When I got back and had cell reception, I recieved two emails telling me I had two new commissions of about $120 each. I also got a new WA referral. That was really cool, since I had done nothin
I am pretty sure I am not the only one here who can use some motivation. I found these quotes to help boost your entrepreneurial journey:“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” ― Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)That one really applies to us here at WA. We need to make our readers happy and solve a problem that they are having. Giving our readers a solution
Who doesn't like free stuff, especially when it will help us all with SEO for our sites.I just had to share this link to SEJ which is free and you can download ten Free eBooks to help with all your SEO needs. I downloaded them all and they are great.Again, Free for anyone.
As I am constantly doing research for my MMO site, I am always looking for useful tools that we could all use here at WA. I found a site today that has an article on the top 100 digital marketing tools for content and affiliate marketers. It is useful for at least a few reasons.I found a ton of products to review for my MMO site.It has some amazing tools that many of us can and most likely will use. I am sure some people here at WA already use some of them. I know I do.I am not affiliated with
I am writing a lot of articles for both my sites, so I request a lot of comments. It is very clear to me that most people are barely going through the motions and don't really read the entire article.I know this because they make comments that have nothing to do with the article. They ask questions that are clearly answered in the article. Some people talk about themselves and don't say anything about the article.And I am sad to say that many of the comments are grammatically incorrect and so m