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SEO Done the Google Way!This is really for anyone but is especially useful for the newer Wealthy Affiliate members. You need to know as much about SEO as possible to make sure your site and your content are searchable by all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the others.Subjects Covered in this Awesome DocumentFollowing are the subjects that are covered by this really important document:Getting startedHelp Google find your contentTell Google which pages shouldn't be crawledHelp Go
Like many of you, I write a lot of content for both my sites. I request comments routinely. Sadly, it appears most people that are newer here do not know the difference between Site Comments and Site Feedback. They are totally different.Comments are your input on a specific article, after you have read the WHOLE article. You don't provide an analysis of how it was done but the content itself.Feedback is an analysis of the post process or the website design, popups, colors, and things like that.
I am very excited and humbled by the fact that as of today, I have over 2000 followers in my Wealthy Affiliate network. The image above is very appropriate as I feel like I hold each of you in the palm of my hands, just like Allstate. And yes, you are in good hands here in this awesome community. I will help anyone here whether you are in my network or not but I am especially grateful to my followers.Thank you all and please have a great and SAFE day! Wear your mask if you can't social distance
OK, WA family experts, I am ready to recruit more referrals and have them upgrade to Premium so they can get all the training they need to be successful like we are. I am looking for all the ideas you have and how you have convinced people to join and upgrade.Here are Things I Have Done. Have posted ads on several social media outlets and had limited success and of course Facebook keeps killing my ads.Created several types of WA product reviews and articles on my MMO site and I get plenty of re
I am a huge Neil Patel fan and he just shared some great information about all the scams out there that will cost you a lot of money and kill your websites SEO. I am going to provide the information in my own words and expand on what Neil said.SCAMS to Avoid Online.Don't fall for the automatic content creation scam. There are tons of scammers advertising that their software will automatically create content for you. This content is plagiarized or scraped or spun using software and/or bots. Here
April 05, 2020
Things are tough right now and I thought it would good to give everyone some fun things that will make you laugh.That's right, it has nothing directly to do with affiliate marketing, but everything with doing the best we can in the current times.Stay healthy and strong and we will get through this together. Please enjoy!
People are always asking if Amazon's Affiliate program works. As you can see in the image, it definitely does. Now I am not going to get rich anytime soon with this amount, but it does add up.Before you try to join Amazon as an associate, you need to have some content and be established a bit or they will probably not approve you in the beginning.All affiliate programs work if you join them with the correct niche.Best of luck to us all.
I saw this and thought it was something great to share. We all struggle at times in life and yes in affiliate marketing. This quote applies to both. Enjoy!
What are you Passionate about?You may have already discovered that it isn’t always easy to find good products to start earning a great passive income. However, you also need to understand that it is vital to your success in affiliate marketing.The good news is, there are thousands of great products to choose from, if you know how to find them.Finding your niche and associated products can be the most frustrating part of affiliate marketing. But I am sure the steps below will make this muc
Just got my two year badge! I am very happy to have been here this long, so far. I have worked my rear end off to learn everything I can about this business and I continue to learn more every day. There is a lot to learn here, but even more on the internet, so don't limit yourself to only learning here at WA.Thanks to everyone here at WA who has helped me along the way. Thanks to Kyl, Carson and Jay for all they do. None of us would be successful here without them.Thanks to site support, who ar