Re-Setting Our Goals

Last Update: Dec 31, 2015


Hi to everyone on this last day of the month and the last day of 2015. It doesn't seem possible that this year is already over. Time just seems to go faster and faster as we get older.

When Chuck and I got into this business this summer, we had high expectations and hopes that by this time we would be well on our way with reaching the goals that we set at the beginning of Course 1 on the Getting Started training.

But somewhere along the way, we lost sight of our goals and then life happened and got in the way. Now the year is over and we still haven't reached any of our original goals. We have determined that we need to re-evaluate and re-set our goals and try again.

Because of the wonderful support system here at WA, the willingness of everyone to share, and the ability of all those to uplift and encourage others, we have not given up nor are we going to.

We can't say enough good about the community here at WA. If we were left on our own, we would have quit and given up a long time ago. But because of the encouragement we have received through the blogs and tutoring of others, we will keep on keeping on.

We look for the new year to bring us the success that we are hoping and praying for. In the meantime, we wish everyone here at WA a wonderful new year and we hope that 2016 is successful for you as well.

Happy New Year,

Evelyn (the other half of CharlesL)

Recent Comments


Well done on resetting those goals. I must still do that for 2016.

Great attitude! Think of all you have learned!

Resetting is a necessary step! When you do not know anything about the business, you are moving definitely forward as you do learn more of what you need to know, adjust the plan and move forward!

We are starting this year with a better view of what it will take!

Such a much better-starting place than when we first joined!

Best of luck to you both!

Happy New Year to you both!

Happy New Year Evelyn and Charles! Life is always guaranteed to rear it's head and change your course and leave you a bit disoriented. So you just get your balance in order and get back in the saddle. Best of luck to all of us in the coming year, take care, Erin

I know Evelyn, things happen. Thanks for sharing this post of encouragement. New Year Blessings to you both.

Happy new year and best wishes to you also for 2016, Evelyn and Charles An excellent post to see the year out.

Happy New Year Evelyn and make 2016 the best ever.

Happy new year to you both and wishing you every success in 2016. You are so right about WA. I would have given up long ago if it hadn't been for the great community here. God bless the day I stumbled upon WA and here's to all our success next year.

HAPPY New Year to you and Charles too Evelyn!

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