How to write a blog or not

Last Update: Sep 17, 2015


Hi everyone,

This is Evelyn. I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and write a blog. Chuck has been writing all of the content on our pages because I just haven't really figured out what this blogging is all about.

Our progress on our site depends completely on how Chuck is feeling on any given day (he has some health issues) and sometimes I get very frustrated because I don't think we are doing enough on our site for content or for promotion of our site.

Thus, my decision to jump in with both feet this morning. Am I correct in the idea that a blog is just writing what is on your mind about a given subject? If so then maybe I can break through this mental block that I have and help Chuck out sometimes. If I am wrong about what blogging is, then maybe someone can enlighten me.

Any way, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to read my rantings and I hope you all have a blessed day.

Evelyn (the other half of CharlesL)

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Blog is a shortened term for web log, which is sort of like a journal entry. That is exactly what you did. I like to think of it as (back in the day) a newspaper column. That is, the length and technical information and seriousness of your entry comes from the ongoing theme for that particular column. What you did here is what this forum calls for, but, once you have your niche for a particular site, you will develop a voice for that particular forum. It will be different for each site, because each site will have its own audience and you will have a specified way of talking to them. No worries: if that topic is natural to you, your voice for that audience will define itself.

Hi, Evelyn! It's good to see and talk to you!

Thank you for that explanation. I will keep trying but it is going to be a long uphill climb.
Nice talking to you too!

Hi Evelyn, you are doing just fine! WA is a great place to practice blog writing because this community is so wonderful and supportive. I am still getting used to the idea of blogging too. We just have to keep working at it.

Best of luck to you, and I will keep an eye out for more of your writing in the future!

Evelyn, you are spot, on just keep writing. I hope Chuck feels better.

Evelyn, you nailed it right and that's did your blog. I love reading blogs because sometimes you learn from your fellow WA. members. Looking forward to more blogs of yours:)

That is how blogs came about, but now they seem to be more about how to do things. Like if you're good at gardening, or sewing or wood working, weaving, cooking, card playing, get the picture. In all of your years what, outside of Charles, tickled your fancy? Does it still? Would it be worth it to you to know everything you could about it, and if so would you be willing to share that information with any and all if you could be paid to do so? That seems to be what blogging is today. Of course, it's your blog and you can do what ever you want to. Have fun.

The hardest part about blogging is getting started - now you just have to carry on. Good luck

Thanks for sharing Evelyn
I have a grammar problem,
but I just write about what I love
and hope that helps others.


You are off to a great start.From following the blogs of other affiates I
See blogs that are tutorias,interesting stories,shared interests.
Some ask questions to problems.
I recently blogged about my experience buying a guitar at a pawn shop and then copy and pasted it on my guitar learning website and sent it to some social media sites.
You are where I was just 2 months ago.You can check my blog on
On my profile page of find it on my site. http;//

Best regards, Marty:)

Yes blogs are writing about a certain subject on a regular basis. It can be about your life, career, goals and any ideas!!
Good luck and thanks for the sharing.

Blogs can be updates on any area of your life, goals, or just plain ideas. Thanks for sharing with us and I wish you the best!

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