Another step on a worthwhile path!

Last Update: June 23, 2018

I've just completed another stage of my learning curve. My feeling will be that I cannot post it today, (Saturday 23rd of June 2018), because I've already posted this morning, a post that I could'not post yesterday, for the same reason.

My promise to myself was that today I would get on with the sequel to 'Not Far Enough From Worries', here I am doing some other worthwhile tasks. No excuse, the wife is out on a training session for her business, and the children are quiet upstairs. That reminds me, I must check what they are doing!

Another reason the next chapter is not going to be completed today.

Upwards and upwards. Now I must compose some words of drama and murder, for the book of course. Oh yes, must check what's happening upstairs first!

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MKearns Premium
Take good notes for when you're a post too far and have to wait to get the idea out there!
newmarketpro Premium
We are looking forward to the next progress of your book Colin. Sound very interesting and dramatic.

CDevonshire Premium
Thanks, there is plenty of action, some hopefully with a smile.