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Flicking through Jaxxy for some keywords I came across, Stephen King king of horror. Well it says it all!Name by nature, and name by position, he must be ranked as the greatest author on the genre 'horror' of all time?Can anyone come up with a more scary writer than Stephen? If so please point him or her out to me.
June 26, 2018
Today, actually I was in the shower, I do shower occasionally, for those who are keen to know. I digress, the door was knocked, I was wet, the man who manages the place we live had his hand out, with two letters, one, I could see from where I was, was naturally a bill!The other was a lot more interesting. It had the Google logo on the front, next to my address, was the Google address. Did you know they have offices in Malaysia? I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Now you are all wondering how mu
June 25, 2018
Misery The NovelAuthor - Stephen KingSet in The United StatesOriginal Language - EnglishGenre - Psychological horrorISBN 978-0-670-81364-3This review comes thanks to requests from fans who want to know more about 'Misery' characters.First, we should have a look at the word - misery - It is a noun with the plural, miseries. A state or feeling of great distress or discomfort, very true. To make life a misery for someone, you cause someone severe distress by continued unpleasantness or harassment.
I've just completed another stage of my learning curve. My feeling will be that I cannot post it today, (Saturday 23rd of June 2018), because I've already posted this morning, a post that I could'not post yesterday, for the same reason.My promise to myself was that today I would get on with the sequel to 'Not Far Enough From Worries', here I am doing some other worthwhile tasks. No excuse, the wife is out on a training session for her business, and the children are quiet upstairs. That reminds
June 22, 2018
Quite proud of myself - not being a great student at school, mind you, that was a long time ago. I have managed to get past another step in the quest to start showing people what they are missing by not reading novels.Of course not everybody will not enjoy the same genre as me. Some people like romantic books, some prefer action-packed dramas. Well, I like, horror mysteries. Stephen King being one of my favourites. Actually, it was pointed out to me that I have not yet reviewed 'Misery', yes, o
June 21, 2018
Am I just dreaming, or can I make any money doing this?I don't mean walking in the sea with a monkey. Can I sell my books? Easy to write them, not so easy to sell them though. It is not explained when you aspire to publish a novel, the work starts when you scrawl (or type) The End. It is far from the end!I am proud of a few things in my life, so far, my family tops the list. Following my stroke, my long suffering wife and our two young children really had it hard. We lost homes, businesses and
June 19, 2018
Yesterday, I posted about my efforts to be 'read' on LinkedIn. I think, but don't know, it was all my fault. It must be my fault? How can it be the super-charged computers fault? All said, their system is used to keep the site running with God knows how many 'actions' it completes each, day, hour, minute!As we used to say on the newspaper: Operator Error. It was usually, no, always was!Yes, I was employed working on 'The Herald Tribune' as it was then known, amongst other titles. At that time o
Trying to post on LinkedIn!I have been tring to spread to word about my website. The computer said "Something has gone wrong later", I will try again later. What I wanted to say was:"After years in the printing and allied trades, then writing books, I've now published a website! Not as easy as writing. A lot of terms I have not come across, but will get there. Feel free to comment on the site.You have guessed it, it's about books. Old and new. My aim is to review a book each day, or at least mo
Well, I'm sure none of you will be surprised at the help and fantastic advice offered by members of WA.This morning, Helen, at HelenpDoyle sent me some words of advice, some things I didn't even realize I hadn't done.My FaceBook and Twitter accounts were not even listed here on my profile. How could I be so stupid?I will get on correcting or updating my website (with the hyphen), and social media accounts.There is worse work on a Monday!
June 16, 2018
I've been indexed! That may sound painful, I am told it is far from agony, it is a step in the right direction. At the moment I'm not really sure what it means.I know it is good, that is enough for now. Actually, when the news was sent from WA, I was working my way the analytics lesson! Onwards and upwards. Sorry this post is a bit rushed, I want to get back to my lesson!