Traveling to Australia

Last Update: May 19, 2017

Hello everyone at WA, hope you all are having a wonderful day! I am currently in Los Angeles California, and have a 14 hour flight ahead of me to Sydney, Australia for my ISLP business delegation. If any of you will be attending this event over the next week, feel free to contact via email at It would be awesome to meet fellow WA members and share ideas, as well as Learn about other's endeavors. Best of luck to all of you!

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cdawg989 Premium
thank you all! I only have my mobile phone as means of accessing WA, there isn't an app for the site by chance, is there?
MarionBlack Premium
No app I'm sorry. Just use your browser (Chrome or Safari). If you want to access your website then try this:
MKearns Premium
Have a good time in the land of Oz!
drcmaint Premium
Good on ya. No worries. Ta.
loriC1 Premium
Enjoy your time in Australia, bring us new information, and most of all be safe.
susanmacneil Premium
Safe travels!