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Last Update: January 04, 2015

Other than the little bits of posts that I have here and there, I have 56 posts and 32 pages. I'm not going to highlight all of them, but there are a notable 20 that have made an impact on me personally. This is the Top 20 of I Try Creative Chem!

20. Totally copying and pasting here! I discuss the art of being original. Copying and pasting from somebody else's work is plagiarism, theft, and it makes you look dirty in the long run. Let your work be YOUR work instead of the work of somebody else's.

19. Related to what I do I am happy to say that this is a book that I will have shortly, as part of a Christmas gift that I got. Amazon gift card FTW! I'm eagerly awaiting the reading of this book. Ironically, I've done nearly 50 handwriting reviews and have been called a "psychic, mindreader, fortuneteller," among many others. However, it is merely a talent that I have. Because of the way that I write these out, my Mom says "I don't believe that you have the gift because it sounds too much like you are describing how a person has to be." To which I answered, "Here's the beauty of what you've just said: I can let you believe what you want, but it won't change how I write."

18. Science Supports Music Originally, I was going to edit this page out a bit more because it has so few words. But, I think the infogram which I've cited more than proficiently explains itself. It is a very miniscule article for having under 50 words. It was also in the beginning stages of me writing posts. The infogram picture looks small. Dare you to click it.

17. Another Writing Resource From a fellow that I got to know via a chat site, comes this bright dash of music. If you are a power writer that can write the best quality of words when you have music in your ears, this post is going to hit your ears, heart, mind, soul...and whatever else gets you going. I guess that means, #17 & #18 are related on here.

16. A Little Hobby of Mine This one just BURSTS with color. Captured with an iPhone 4 which no longer works because I cannot find a working power cord. If anybody has an idea of where to get an ACTUAL compatible charger cord, please let me know.

15. A Little Christmas Gift for You A poem that I wrote in August 2012. It is my heart's cry still. If you cannot help me or cannot relate to me, don't try to help me. It is simply because of all the hurts I've endured where people try to help and their "help" ends up hurting more.

14. Don't Ignore This! Whether it is karma, life, or Bible principles, this is something that I live by. It also makes the whole "judge not" fire burn a lot hotter. More like a refining fire than a hellfire.

13. How I started my Recovery I was looking for something with a "bad luck" theme. I was amused when this in fact, worked exactly as I was looking for. I will have to amend this later. If you read and click, you'll see why this ended up as #13.

12. Highlight of Today She is still one of my very favorite to hang out with in the Break Room. While our belief systems are completely opposite, I dearly cherish and respect Vicki. She's one that I'll ask advice of even when I'm wisecracking in chat.

11. Recognizing the Power of Responsibility I highlight a pre-existing podcast series of "Powerful Words". It's been a 10 year goal to have a podcast. I've also had to recharge a dead phone just so that I could use the microphone on it.

TOP 10!!

10. How to Beat Anxiety! Seriously one of the best things ever. Some people are ruining your good graces because of what YOU allow. Check out this post for more.

9. OMG 19!!! Zoe, I owe you a big thanks for helping me out with this. I was in the middle of trying to figure out how to promote the handwriting and out of the blue, you send me an email. It was a delicious feeling!

8. Recap of plugins I used: Part 1 of 2 A very long link, but I didn't want to make a post with 1500 words. So, I broke it up.

7. Recap of plugins I used: Part 2 of 2 Strange but true, the "Testimonial's Widget nearly didn't get into the plugins because I thought it was a Widget. It says "widget", but is a Plugin. A bit tricky on that one.

6. How I see Myself My most recent post, highlighting the way that one guy complimented a woman, yet in the way that it relates today, the bellybutton, stomach, neck, and nose sound like an insult. Mark Gungor is, in my honest opinion, hilarious.

5. Alone because of bullying The one place that I THANK the bullies because they are the reason that people overcome and achieve the great stuff of life.

4. Ever Heard of the powder scam? This is the introduction of "Go Ruby Go", a powder supplement that I have been taking since the beginning of November. And discovered after not taking it for 3 days, the body sorta crashes afterward. I got sick in the worst way and later discovered that it was a lovely seasonal flu.

3. A Deeper Look How many faces can you spot?

2. Train your subconscious - A review of Joe Dispenza Intense lecture. I often do not put lectures as the #1 reason to write a review, but this guy's way of teaching on life is just amazing.

1. Understanding Diversity : Leeno Karumanchery When I first started looking for ideas for writing, it was Leeno who got me started simply because I put "amygdala" into Youtube and I got "amygdala hijack". A great many disorders and ways of thinking are all about how the amygdala are hijacked.

So there you have it. I pulled off a Top 20 Posts for the site. Yes, this is a way for me to get visitors to the site, but I'm also doing another test. Y'all help me out by clicking and reading..and maybe leaving some comments? I'll do my best to return the favors!

Norm (CC1)

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It was fun to write this up. I have discovered though that a few more links than just #13 were broken. Something for me to work on.
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Very well presented!
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"Don't Ignore This" is on my list of "Check It Outs" !
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I am going to look at your anxiety post when I get some time.
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Great Stuff, CC1.