Mobe shutdown by ftc?

Last Update: June 09, 2018

There is news floating around the web that MOBE has been shutdown by the FTC and some of their events have been canceled as well.

Currently their website is down along with some of their top earners apparently leaving the company and sending their followers notice of this event.

What can we learn from this?

If it appears too good to be true then most likely it is.

Sure you can make a lot of money online with internet marketing but to be realistic it takes months and years of hard work.

When you run across an opportunity that is promoting their program but you have no idea what exactly your buying into then you need to ask questions.

Are you actually getting any skills from the training?

There is no secret to making money online it just takes patience, the right training and hard work to reach your goals.

Be wary of programs that cost $1,000's of dollars and have different levels or upsells.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Legit

Take advantage of the training here to learn the skills of affiliate marketing. Take advantage of all the tools that you have access to here as well.

Learn to build a online business in any niche without spending $1,000's.

Getting all this for such a low cost is what makes this opportunity one of the best.

Please comment below on your thoughts!

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JackieSmith Premium
Lots of products hidden under the MOBE umbrella. Just about to do a product review and tested out the URL - it redirected to the receiverships' site....
cbarnes1 Premium
Yes all those landing pages are now inactive and the top MOBE affiliates have abandoned ship.
DianeCarter3 Premium
Thanks for that message, because I have seen these types in the past, I want no parts of that kind. Promises they don't keep on most and you spend lot of money and get ripped off. Sorry not for me. I like this only at WA
cbarnes1 Premium
Yes I have seen where some people had gone out and got loans so they could buy in at the higher levels.

So they were stuck paying on a $15,000 to $20,000 loan with nothing to show for it.

Sad actually!
MarionBlack Premium
neilrc Premium
MOBE has had it coming for years.

But instead of MOBE's affiliates walking away with their heads in their hands in utter shame, they'll just find the next "high ticket scheme" to promote.

They'll never admit what they did was wrong, ever.

In my opinion, these people do not belong on the internet.

cbarnes1 Premium
This is probably just the beginning of the FTC taking down these types of schemes.

It is surprising that it took this long.
neilrc Premium
Let's hope so.

It wouldn't surprise me if the FTC turns its attention to MLM/Network Marketing, in general.

I think there's a very thin line between Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes. Products or no products, "recruiting" is still involved.

Yeah, I'm surprised too. MOBE should have been the first to go.
Jim-Bo Premium
Oh what a shame if it's true. (sarcastic grin)
cbarnes1 Premium
I just checked out one of their top earners (John Chow) websites and all of his landing pages for MOBE have been removed.

So it appears that it is true.