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Last Update: September 04, 2014

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On Hump Day, Wednesday, September 3rd, WordPress 4.0 will be released. I have edited this first line three times. As usual, only the few seemed to know. So I searched for the right answer from the right person who really knows, finding I had it right in the very beginning.

I wanted to make a point about a WP update - hope you have not unknowingly allowed Wordpress to autoupdate your sites. Didn't know about this automatic update that happens until you change your settings. Learned the hard way and still haven't recovered.

A great article that goes through ALL the changes that will be happening, please see —> http://goo.gl/T6N17F with an outline and images.

There are THREE main changes I am looking forward to, just in case you don't click on the above resource.

1 - Embedded content will be seen as actual content instead of grey boxes in the visual editor view.

2 - Post editor scrolling will no longer make the kitchen sink disappear when you are writing those thousand word plus pillar articles. See —> http://goo.gl/veZcV9 to really understand how great this will be!

3 - Plugin discovery BEFORE installation. Add new is a huge makeover. We will know what plugins are compatible or not with the most current WP update.

If that isn’t enough. TinyMCE (version 4.1.4) will also be released with WP 4.0. My Ultimate TinyMCE disaster will be forever in my memory, but now with the new TinyMCE we have more functions for tables and the color picker along with the cut, copy and paste back to ‘normal’.

Take note when you see the TinyMCE Changelog —> http://goo.gl/qJOLMH Lots of updates since 3.9.

Finally, a note about WP Edit and WP Edit Pro. They will be updated soon after the release of WP 4.0. When Ultimate Tiny MCE was broken up, each have been updated piece by piece.

For those of you who have been aware of my website revamping difficulties, and those who have not seen my prior posts (3.9 Update), you understand why I am getting this into a blog as soon as I found out — not months down the line after recovering from my accident.

Thank you to all one hundred and more of you who have been patient with my memory recall, my limitations and my frustrations and all. Walking again remains my major goal.

There are things we need to know and not have to discover later or after when things are just not working right. The people who brought us aboard, or those who take the time in chat or write a comment or blog or question to keep us up to date are so appreciated. Helping one another and paying it forward - such dynamic principles for success.

My road traveled has been rocky but I keep on going forward, which is what all of us WA'ers do and must do to achieve success!

At some point will finish my blog about my time here at the WA - stay tuned. Feels like I get to start over everyday, oh actually that was after last weekend. LOL>

Looking forward to fluttering around the community again, catching up again, and hoping to help whenever I can, again and again. Gosh, have now reached over 1K networking and hope to at least just keep in touch or make a bit of difference.

Now, it is time to take a break - Happy Labor Day - we have much to celebrate!

We are or will someday be - no longer another's laborers — we will become full-fledged successful business owners making our own money and our own decisions! Taking time for family and friends! Vacationing and getting those 'dream' list items. Hopefully showing appreciation to those who have become our staff, better than our bosses did.

Comment on all or feel free to add anything I have forgotten or shoulda/coulda said. Especially add what you like about the update.

Cheers! Time to prep for a down-home rural BBQ! ^_~Lynn

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Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the update on the update!
stopscamming Premium
Thank you very much for this information, I was not aware of anything.
You have saved my day.

All the best.
caylynn Premium
You are very welcome. Am so glad you know and will be prepared. You made my day. Wish you the best too.
stopscamming Premium
Thank you my dearest, you did also made my day the others day. SO the feeling is mutual.
So long.
Jen090 Premium
Thanks caylynn for this interesting info/post.
caylynn Premium
You are so welcome. Hope you will have smooth experience when you update.
wildcatblue2 Premium
Sorry for all your troubles caylynn, you of all people do not deserve such treatment!

Jack :)
caylynn Premium
Thank you so much for your empathy. Am one of many non-techies who daily work at a snails pace to understand what we learn to then apply.
wildcatblue2 Premium
Lol, yes, I understand, for us non-techies there are even more hills to climb everyday, and valley's to tumble down into! It just adds to the great fun we have getting where we want to go! :)
seesy62 Premium
Wordpress needs another 100 years to get to the pro status if they continue in using the same path.
caylynn Premium
Thank you for our comment. WP is one of several website builders available to those who do not have the ability to create their own framework they envision. A WP template here at the WA is the best option IMO as we learn bits and pieces of computer 'pro' language and afford pro-upgrades or premium themes.