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Last Update: July 06, 2017

My son's girlfriend soon to be daughter-in-law suffers from epilepsy. Her doctors keep changing the medications but nothing seems to work. They gave her an option to have brain surgery but she is deathly afraid of getting it done. I am looking for some information on natural treatments and was wondering if anyone here has a site about this. I would like to get advice so I can help her.

Thanks for reading,

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PhilipC1 Premium
Hi Kathy,

Out of curiosity, has your daughter in law got Grand Mal Epilepsy?

My brother use to say the medication he was taking for his Grand Mal Epilepsy use to make him worse.

As you may know, epilepsy is when the temporal lobes over generate electricity. When that electricity crosses the the central divide of the brain, I do believe the corpis collossum (totally can't spell it') thats when the seizure kicks in.

Its the over generation (over stimulation) of this charge in the brain that is the problem. I do believe there is medication to try and block this signal, but, thats probably what she is/was taking.

Perhaps go to an Osteopath and get dietry advice and see if she can get that 'active blocking ingredient' in her foods (cuts out all side effects and damage to her organs over prolonged use.

My brother was offered the surgery also. Back then they wanted to take his skull off - I don't blame him for not doing it.

Nowadays I do believe they can do two things with the brain.

1) Take out and a small piece of skull and isolate where the over active part is. Probably through the use of tiny electrodes.
Once this area is identified they can take ever so tiny of a scrape around of that area. In essence, creating a 'ditch', giving the the electrical charge no place to 'jump to' thus limiting neuro synapsis to other 'branches'.

2) Instead of scraping around the affectied part, I seen a program once on this, they can insert a hair thin needle, through, the centre of the brain or at the over active part.
This needle will absorb the 'charge', perhaps stopping further occurences.
The patient in the program had parkinsons. She could not ever stop shaking. When surgery done, you barely noticed a tremor from her, incredible. Two separate conditions I know but its might be worth discussing a professional in these matters on that.

Over stimulation (stress) needs to be avoided. This lady can not be allowed to under go terrible amounts of stress at work or at home. Any such continued occurences is, given her condition, is abuse and has to be stomped out. I noticed, not always, when my brother use to have them, it was during times of stress.

As we know acupunction relieves physical pressure in the body. This might be worth a shot and might give a way for some of that charge to leave the body.

Their appears to be no cure. I believe it can be caused by a head bang as a child, like with my brother, faulty injection while inutero, as with my brother, or oxygen deprivation at birth.
Excessive drug use can also bring it on.

I have sat through countless seizures with my brother. Its vital when this lady takes a seizure and comes to, you can lessen her confusion and quicken cognition, by not moving suddenly and lessen your communication to her. When her memory returns of you she'll probably want to sleep. Its a heartbreaking thing to behold for sure.

AS you may know, no hypnosis. No hypnotist would treat her anyways due to her condition.

Crucially, no stress, plenty of due rest and no skipped meals.

This is the best I got, I hope you take take something from this for her. My heart goes out to her.


DKMade Premium
CBD oil is best known for counteracting the shakes and seizures. Be sure to get from a trusted source as so many are now passing around fake stuff. CBD is the non-psychoactive drug found in Cannabis. You do not get high at all thus the non-psychoactive part, it literally works within minutes when taken orally. CBD is Cannabidiol.
I am on medicinal marijuana for a nerve disorder I received after breaking my back....twice. It is amazing what this stuff can do. The downfall is a lot of it is your own research as there are so many strains, different makeups of concentrates and everyone's case is different and there has been no standardization of treatments but when it comes to seizures and shakes related to epilepsy, the results are amazing. CBD is just coming to the surface now because of how great it works. In Canada it has become so popular with the treatment of epilepsy that a lot of no name people are taking advantage of it and selling anything with a CBD label slapped on it, so get a good dr involved, go to a reliable source (centre of epilepsy treatment has good connections in Cali and Colorado) CBD is also pretty in expensive for the most part. I hope this helps. My prayers go out to your friend and I send her healing thoughts and positive energy to her on angelic wings.
N4 Premium
Hi Cathy. I am a distributor of C24/7 naturaceutical food supplement. It is manufactured by Natures Way in the US and has 22000 phytonutrients packed in a single capsule. Because it works on a cellular level it might help regenerate some of the functions that don't funtion as they are suppose to.
Catwoman1459 Premium
I want to thank everyone for your thoughtful and caring comments. I am passing all this information onto my son and his girlfriend Ashley. I can only hope that some of these suggestions will work. I will keep you all posted with updates on her condition.
LouisaB Premium
Total vegan diet. To start. Then everything organic.
nevrob Premium
Cathy ! I know of a product that is made by a company located in the state of Utah. The company's name is Morinda Bioactives.The name of the product is Max ; and there is also the Noni Juice,but i would go with Max to begin with .Go for a case of 4 bottles .Each time let her drink at least 4 to 6 ounces .With in a month or 2 you should see some signs of improvement.
Afro Gringo Premium
I hear the advances in medical marijuana will work wonders on siezures. My prayers are with the boy
ericpierre Premium
If I could, I would, Cathy! Hope with the help of our fellow WA members your daughter in law will find the diet, which will help her.
cbuffone Premium
In some work I do for a company working on the extraction process for medical marijuana, I cam across this website:

DShensky Premium
the best place to contact is the Epilepsy Foundation for referrals
Jennifer123 Premium
Hi Cathy,
Have you heard of the Ketogenic diet? If not, pull up some information and start exploring. There are some excellent sties, Keto Diet App, Ruled.me, Dr. Daniel Pompa, for example are great resources.

Keto is a diet very high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbs. It was originally developed to help children with epilepsy who were not responsive to the medication available or whose parents wanted another alternative. The results were excellent. I am a chiropractor with a focus on functional nutritionist and often put my patients on this eating plan for a variety of conditions. Brain surgery or a lifetime of heavy medications are certainly things to be cautious of, and if she can experience changes by addressing her diet then I think that's a fantastic place to start.

As an aside, we have a small rescue dog that suffers from epilepsy. I've consistently added fish oil to his diet and his seizures have dramatically dropped. Several times when I was out of the fish oil (maybe a week or so at a time) his number of seizures would again rise. I've watched this pattern with him over the last 2 years. Again, I believe it's because of the beneficial effect of the extra dietary fat on the brain.

Best of luck to you,
LeonardGo Premium
That Ketogenic diet damage the liver and kidney
Jennifer123 Premium
Actually that's not accurate, according to the research. You may be mixing ketosis up with ketoacidosis with is a very different (and a dangerous) situation. Completely unrelated.
LindaKwas Premium
Check out this post. This is actually related to cancer. But if you read the post, you will see that this has helped other problems as well. Just something to think about.
LindaKwas Premium
I would check Dr. Mercola's site to see if there is anything there.
abdul11 Premium
This guy is very good he treats many un cured dieseses such as cancer etc. he is an arab received 3 phd from urobe countries for his knowledge and its organic no chemicals contact him or email him and explain exactly and i am sure he will be able to cure her.

jtaienao Premium
Really sorry to hear about your future daughter-in-law's condition Cathy. Here is an article by Dr. Ray Sahelian that may be of help.


pablocortina Premium
You might want to consult WebMD and see what the site has to say.
BradB18 Premium
This might give you a head start
There is a lot of rubbish out there in pharmaceuticals.
BradB18 Premium
The only thing I could suggest is Gingko.
Liquid extracted and not the dried leaf. Dried leaf loses potency.