Looking for help with Epilepsy

Last Update: July 06, 2017

My son's girlfriend soon to be daughter-in-law suffers from epilepsy. Her doctors keep changing the medications but nothing seems to work. They gave her an option to have brain surgery but she is deathly afraid of getting it done. I am looking for some information on natural treatments and was wondering if anyone here has a site about this. I would like to get advice so I can help her.

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abdul11 Premium
This guy is very good he treats many un cured dieseses such as cancer etc. he is an arab received 3 phd from urobe countries for his knowledge and its organic no chemicals contact him or email him and explain exactly and i am sure he will be able to cure her.

jtaienao Premium
Really sorry to hear about your future daughter-in-law's condition Cathy. Here is an article by Dr. Ray Sahelian that may be of help.


pablocortina Premium
You might want to consult WebMD and see what the site has to say.
BradB18 Premium
This might give you a head start
There is a lot of rubbish out there in pharmaceuticals.
BradB18 Premium
The only thing I could suggest is Gingko.
Liquid extracted and not the dried leaf. Dried leaf loses potency.