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Last Update: September 25, 2016

Is it time for a coffee break?

This is the best explanation I've seen for Quantum Entanglement to date.
So make a cuppa, pull it up on your screen and for 12 minutes see one of the intricate complexities of our world explained. Fascinating. Raises realms of marvels.
Amazing guy - he almost makes me BEGIN to under this concept and wonder at its possibilities.

.... Where will we be in 50 years time?
So enjoy - it's just a coffee break that could blow your mind.

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drjec Premium
I have always believed that life could be the ultimate VonNoivan Machine.
drjec Premium
All I can say is, Wow!
Dreamer56 Premium
I think I need to have a smoke and watch this again! :))
CateR Premium
I did!
You're a fellow smoker? Pleased to meet you.
LinDash01 Premium
I was having that exact conversation with my daughter, about where will we be in 50 years, not the other hehe...
theresroth Premium
I've seen this guy before, he's brilliant!
Just had to subscribe this time......☺
CateR Premium
Yes he is.