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Last Update: April 09, 2020

More Haste, Less Speed

I have been at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for a little over 6 months now. If there is one observation that keeps repeating itself, every day, here it is that many of us do not take OUR time.

We do not take OUR time. You do not take YOUR time. I felt it necessary to restate this.

When we rush into things, as I have learned many times in my life (and I am certain that you have too), we miss many important things and do not realise it until it becomes very costly to fix or even impossible to.

I notice this almost daily just roaming through the comments and questions that are being asked. There very effective ways of supporting your learning and training at WA:

  • Following the training.
  • Search blogs.
  • Ask a question.
  • Reach out to a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
  • Do not be lazy.

Follow The Training

EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, here at WA can be found with some training support. Either within training by clicking on the button under Dashboard on your Home Page:

Conduct A Search

Alternatively, you can do a search for help at the very top of your Home Page:

This will lead you to both WA training and blogs written by thousands of our WA members to guide you and share additional detail, learnings and perspectives. I find this to be a rich and intensive way of deepening my understanding of topics and complementing my OEC and Bootcamp training.

Ask A Question

Still not satisfied? Then, ask a question. You may do that from the same drop down in the Search area:

You have the opportunity to choose a Classroom (Subject area) to better help you direct your question to receive meaningful help or support.

Reach Out To An SME

We are blessed to have thousands of Subject Matter Experts here at WA. And you know what? They are all very willing to answer your questions and extend support to you when needed.

At the end of every lesson you will see this:

You are welcomed to reach out to them with your questions, ideas, thoughts, etc. They will respond to you. If they cannot assist, they will direct you to somewhere or someone to get your matter resolved.

Do Not Be Lazy

I have received comments such as: "You have been here for 5 months. I thought you would have been way ahead by now." I do not know where "way ahead" should be, but I DO KNOW that I am where I WANT to be at this time - a little ahead actually.

You see, I prefer to KNOW - really know - what I am doing. I do not like having to do over or go back or being lazy and disturbing other people frequently when everything I need is within reach and easily accessible.

There is also a flip side to this coin.

WA is built on giving, sharing and supporting. How can I do those things if I do not know myself? How can I give back if I have not learned and filled my bucket?

  • To give, I must have.
  • To have, I must acquire.
  • To acquire, I must get up and get.

Do remember also that we are all here on the same journey - learning and building our online businesses.

You Own Your Knowledge

When you learn, understand and implement you become more skilled and effective and therefore more valuable to yourself and your business.

You can make decisions and adapt at required on the go because you HAVE the knowledge within you. You do not have to wait on anyone. That is priceless!

My grandmother always said:

"If you ride someone else's back, they can throw you off whenever they feel like it."

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome, Cassie! Have a safe weekend!

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Thank you, Jeff.

You also!

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Excellent post and information that needs to be shared. Thanks!
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Thank you, Mickey.
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My thoughts exactly Mickey!! hjave a great Easter...;

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Thanks, you too.
Happy Easter.
TracyWA Premium
Nice post, Cassi. I am a learner too, and it's an important message to get out to others hoping to make it work here: You have to learn how to do it, before you can do it.

Well written and timely post. Thanks!

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Tracy, "learn how to do it, before you can do it."
Love it!

Thank you.
james5273 Premium
Great post! Thanks for your advice and tips, Cassi!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
You are welcome, James.

Thank you.