Stay Real!

Last Update: January 13, 2019

Good morning WA friends! I have been MIA for the last week or so.

However I have been busy working on other aspects of my business, laying the groundwork and building the foundations for the future. Turning ideas into plans and plans into action.

This is all possible now because of my involvement with WA and the tools I now have access to, to be able take my once hopes and dreams and turn them into actionable plans towards reaching my future goals.

This looks different to everyone as we all have different passions and what is ideal for some will not suit others.

While some choose to pursue MMO or use their websites to help and share information or e-commerce, remaining true to your own passions and pursuing your dreams is so important. It is what drives us and motivates us.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides us with the tools that then gives us the freedom to explore many other avenues.

We all have varying degrees of technical knowledge but are all passion orientated when it comes to our niche.

If you are stuck think outside the box and beyond this platform into the real verses virtual world and remember that we still deal with real flesh and blood people and get our selves back into that headspace. Whatever way we choose to use our websites we still need to stay connected to people to have the ability to reach them through our content.

Have great day.

Stay Real everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have found some encouragment here :)


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MKearns Premium
Nice t hear from you Cass
Cass51 Premium
Thanks Mike, I feel like I haven't been around for ages:)
Cheers Cass
FKelso Premium
Good comments, Cass. Thanks for the encouragement.
Cass51 Premium
Hi there Fran thank you and you are welcome")
Vickic3 Premium
Good morning Cassbomb
Great post and good to see you back inside WA
You have been a busy bee and I'm sure you are ready to write some more amazing posts for your sites by self inspiration as you do :)
Looking forward to knowing what you been up to and reading more great posts on your sites
Go well my friend and grow BIG!!
You Rock :)
Cass51 Premium
Morning Vicki, I have been very busy and hope to see the fruits of my labour in the very near future. Yes I am currently working on some new self inspired posts that I think you will enjoy:)
Cheers my friend, Cass
MiraGle Premium
Hey Cass!

That was motivational! I hope you can reach the goals what you are looking for 🏆 have great week!

Cass51 Premium
Thanks Mira a same to you:)
cheers Cass
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Sometimes we all have to go MIA just to get it done (the foundation and groundwork)! Good for you!
Glad to see you around today!!
Cass51 Premium
Hi there Shaunna, thanks you are right but I still felt guilty for not being around:) have a wonderful day!