Why We Work So Hard to Establish Trust - And You Should Too!

Last Update: Aug 3, 2021

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Hi Everyone,

Today I want to reach out to not only tell you about a few updates we’ve made recently, and to spark a discussion about TRUST and what establishes your trust in the online world?

In the past few days we released a small, yet important update to the WealthyAffiliate.com website. For those of you that have joined in the past couple of days, you would notice that we have a brand new form on the homepage that includes a number of testimonials from long time members here at WA.

Here’s what it looks like:

We’ve always had testimonials on our homepage but we wanted to experiment with putting these beside the join form on the Wealthy Affiliate website so that folks can read some thoughts from existing members before they join. Our initial findings have been staggering. Sign-ups have gone up significantly from those who join WA through this updated join form. This seems to be proving our concept that creating an extra layer of trust at the “decision making” time makes a lot of sense for our business, and maybe yours?

If you are actively recommending WA and sending people to the Wealthy Affiliate homepage, then you may notice an immediate improvements in conversions. For those of you that may not know how to send folks to the WA Homepage, you can find your link by clicking the $ sign icon at the top of WA. You’ll see your affiliate link right there!

And of course, for full training on building your business around promoting WA, you can learn how to do that in the Affiliate Bootcamp here:


Trust Pilot

Last year, we decided to actively manage our reputation at TrustPilot and we’ve been able to grow our reputation to 4.8 out of 5.0 stars (which we are very proud of). We’ve integrated trust pilot into various marketing campaigns and it’s helped us gain trust outside of the 1000’s of reviews and comments about the platform worldwide.

We are not only active here in WA, we reply to every single Trust Pilot review that we receive. For those leaving a review, we feel that they absolutely deserve a thoughtful reply whether positive or less than positive :) In many cases miscommunication or misinformation can cause frustration or confusion and leave a less-than-5-star review. In that case, we love the opportunity to explain our position - and we feel that reply further builds trust when folks research our brand.

Being active with your audience on your own website in the comment section of posts is CRITICAL to building trust. If you are receiving comments on your website, then the absolute best thing that you can do is reply to every single one of them. If your website is new and you have not yet begun to get comments, then you can use our SiteComments platform here at WA to request real comments on your posts and give you an opportunity to reply to them...thus sparking more conversation!

Familiarize yourself with SiteComments here:


Come On in and See for Yourself!

Another way that we’ve targeted to gain trust is our industry leading Starter Membership. Allowing folks to join the Starter membership for free without requiring a financial investment has allowed us to ensure that everyone at WA has an opportunity to test drive the membership before deciding whether WA is the place that they want to build their online business.

And of course, when folks are within the membership, Kyle and myself are always available to help out and offer help/advice. We’ve always taught the importance of being active in your business and we certainly try to lead by example with being active here in WA.

In the affiliate marketing and online business world, trust and building relationships with your audience is one of the most important things that you can do for your Brand. Every member of WA who is actively building their website has a Brand - you are your brand!

Build your business and your brand with trust in mind and over time you’ll greatly benefit from that mindset!

What are you doing to build Trust?

Now I want to post TWO questions to you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  1. How are you building trust with your audience?
  2. What made you TRUST us when joining Wealthy Affiliate?

I look forward to discussing in the comments below!

Have a great week ahead!


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I can't say I'm surprised by these findings. Especially in the MMO industry trust is something that most people don't have in this industry. It's with good reason because of the garbage that is out there. And people look for outside validation and confirmation about a company's legitimacy. So I'm happy you guys are employing things like trustpilot and folks see testimonials from real members. Too often we hear the doubters saying all the reviews are just from WA affiliates trying to promote WA. But when you have a trusted 3rd party resource like trustpilot backing up the positive feedback, it makes a world of difference.

WA may not be perfect and no company is. But you're not going to come here and get scammed. Not everyone will succeed in this business but its not because WA led you astray.

Well said Eddy, when there are vast amounts of positive things said about a company it can seem hard to believe them. That’s why we have the starter membership and invite folks in to see for themselves what we offer!

When I first learned about WA through Eddy years back (lol I think he said something like the program was created by these two brilliant college kids or something along those lines)
WA sounded too good to be true so I did not join, how could it be so cheap and offer so much. The same night I failed to join WA, I joined those "done for you, earn without doing any work sites, that no longer exist".
Before the night was over, I had already spent $350 on the programs and yes the money and much more that followed was a waste.
So I can understand people who don`t believe in the value and quality WA has to offer. Luckily there is now a free trial which was not there back then

What made me join WA? there was nothing to lose really, I could check it free, confirm it`s one of those get-rich-quick sites and move on. Six years later, I'm still here

Any get rich quick thing is a scam, that i have noticed. When they promise get rich with no work its a scam , I know at least here the truth. If i put the work in and im open to learn, Ill learn, if I dont like it i can simply end my subscription no harm no foul. Not 1,000 up front. Also we get so much value it pays for itself!

I'm in like with these awesome updates, Carson, and thank you very much.

To your questions:
1. As part of my trust-building strategies:

Whenever I post a new article, I always ask for comments, responding to them all. Yes, I don't post very often, even though the content is king. I care for my readers that profoundly that every post should enlighten and empower them. Also, I offer freebies and make use of testimonials.

2. As for Yours and Kyle's platform, trust was born after dipping my fingers in the experience without spending a dime -the proof is in the pudding🤗

Hi Carson

I've been with WA since June 2016. Someone online mentioned the company because at the time, I never heard of Wealthy Affiliate. But I was looking for a way to start my own business. Be my own boss.

Also, 11 months prior to joining my wife died, so I really didn't concentrate and understand WA the way I should have.

It wasn't until Oct 2017, I finally started reading into it. So can safely say today, I've learned a lot from all the training (The Friday eve classes with Jay is like 'Gold')From every class I take away something positive. I've built some great sites! Now I just have to promote them better.

Hi Carson,

I don't know if I trusted WA in the first week before joining. I was trying to figure out if I could do this affiliate marketing thing. But I joined for $19 that first month and took the whole month to decide that I wanted to give it a go.

I'm really happy I did. I love WA and I'm learning so much and building my website and writing quality content and finding good keywords that have the potential to rank.

I do not yet have an audience, though, if by audience you mean traffic.

I would say I trust WA now and have nothing but appreciation for all the training, the community, and everything it takes behind the scenes to run such a successful platform.


Hi Carson,

This post is excellent on building trust. That is something each and every one of us at Wealthy Affiliate should be doing all the time.

My response to your first question is I ask my site readers to engage with the posts I write. In return, I respond to each comment that my website gets. So I’m following the “reply” to each comment to build trust, as you suggest (and of course, it helps with SEO as well).

To your second question, I trusted Wealthy Affiliate because it truly is a place that helps and supports its members with their online businesses. I was convinced by reading mostly positive WA reviews before I signed up. Unlike a lot of garbage out on the internet, I know there are no scams, ”selling” to people, taking others money for no good reason, or anything of that nature. Definitely not at WA!

I’m glad to still be around nearly two years ago. WA is a great place to build a online business, and network with like-minded individuals.

Great post- thank you (and to Kyle) for establishing trust with all of us.

All the best,


Hi Eric,

Awesome to hear that you are responding to your clients on your website. This is absolutely the #1 way to show that you are real and genuine! Every time a comment is added to your posts, it's an opportunity to earn trust from your visitors, so be as thorough as possible. The SEO bump that you get from this is awesome.

Really happy to have you part of the WA community :)

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