SiteRubix, the Reintroduction!

Last Update: November 12, 2014

Hey everyone!

Today marks an important day at Wealthy Affiliate. We have just released one of our most significant updates to date. We have some exciting new improvements, systems, and innovative approaches to “websites” that we think that you are going to absolutely love.

We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes for the good part of 2014 on this rollout and we are pleased to be able to tell you about them today as ALL members have access (Premium members with additional features).

The Reintroduction...

What many people do not know about Wealthy Affiliate is that we have one of the most powerful, robust, and feature rich website platforms in the world that is leaps and bounds more advanced than any vanilla web host that you are used to (ie. Godaddy, Hostgator etc).

What most people don’t know (unless you have been with us for 5+ years) is that when we initially launched our website builder at Wealthy Affiliate it was called SiteRubix. Well SiteRubix is BACK and it is back in a big way.

Going forward SiteRubix is going to be what you use to build websites, manage websites, analyze websites, host websites...and is going to be feature rich in never-seen-before offerings.

Today we are launching some brand new, key components to our website offerings. At the same time we’ve given the platform the branding and recognition that it deserves by officially placing it under the SiteRubix brand.

SiteRubix - How Websites Should Be Built.

In the main menu you will see a new menu item that replaces the “Build my Website” button and gives you a portal into some of the most used aspects of our suite of website tools.

All of our website related tools, systems, and features offered here within Wealthy Affiliate are now branded under the SiteRubix Brand. Clicking (or hovering) over the Site Rubix menu item will give you access to all of the important website tools at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll explain the different offerings...

SiteManager. Your Personal Website Portal.

The SiteManager is where you build, manage, improve, and access your websites built at Wealthy Affiliate. This is your “home base” for everyting related to your websites.

Upon visiting the SiteManager you will see a fresh new look to your website area. All websites now have their very own screenshots, information about your websites installed, security features, update info, and access to a brand new aspect called “SiteHealth” which I will get into shortly.

SiteBuilder. Simple By Design, Yet Elusively Powerful.

SiteBuilder is our industry leading website creation tool that will have you up and running with your very own WordPress websites in literally seconds. Whether you are building your very first site, or your 10th site, this is where you start by go to get your WordPress website installed properly. This means a focus on security, on quality Wordpress specific hosting, and on a platform that you can trust.

You can build websites on the free domain or on any domain of your choice. As a Premium member you have the ability to build 25 FREE websites and 25 websites with your own domain names.

SiteFeedback. A Real Community Creating Beautiful Websites.

This is a brand new “give and take” credit based system at Wealthy Affiliate which will give everyone a platform to request reviews and feedback on their websites.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate is that you have an entire community behind you. Feedback has never been easier, more organized, or readily available than it is right now at WA!

You earn credits for every website you offer feedback on, and you use these credits to request feedback from others. Simply choose the website you want to get feedback for, click a button and before you know it you will have helpful, honest and constructive feedback for your website.

I will be discussing the SiteFeedback system in much more detail in another post.

SiteFeedback is wide open for anyone to request feedback for their websites. We encourage you to head over and add your website, your latest post, or any page on their site for feedback. This system is a credit based system but to get the system up and running, no credits are required to get awesome feedback on your site!

You can access SiteFeedback from the new SiteRubix main menu, or directly by clicking here!

SiteSupport. Build Your Websites With Trust.

Rounding out the SiteRubix portal menu (but by no means rounding out the newly released features), is SiteSupport. The technical support for your websites built here at WA is your lifeline for your website.

Most people run into technical issues at some point in their journey. It happens, but you an rest easy at the end of the day knowing that we are working for you, we are in your corner, we are monitoring and maintaining your websites for you 24/7/365 behind the scenes.

We are there for you! Whether you’re installing plugins, new themes, making changes to the look of your site, or editing the core site files, issues are bound to arise.

SiteSupport offers a completely managed solution. If you break something, we’ll fix it. We’ll actually go into the website files and fix things. Anything technical related to your website, and we’ll work with you to get it fixed very quickly. Managed hosting solutions like this out there are literally hundreds of dollars a month and they are very limited in comparison to what we offer at WA.

Hopefully you will never need WA SiteSupport, but if you do have technical issues, we have a knowledge team dedicated to getting you help.

SiteHealth. You Can Now See What Was Once Invisible.

I will also be discussing SiteHealth h in much more detail in another post, but this is another ground breadking and powerful feature of our SiteRubix website platform.

SiteHealth is an in-depth and real-time analysis of your content, user engagement, your activity, quality of your site, and many other metrics. It is going to give you a very clear idea of where you need to focus to improve your site and where you are doing things well. This is a complex algorithm that we have developed based on what makes a website “healthy” and successful.

Within your SiteManager, you will see the SiteHealth next to each WordPress website that you’ve installed. You can click on the “View” button within the SiteHealth progress bar to get an explanation on how to improve.

If you have “poor” site health, don’t be worried because we’ll show you how to nurse your site into great health. SiteHealth works on the foundation of the training that we offer here at WA within both the Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp set of courses. If you are following the training, then the health of your site will be “Great”.

This is a perspective of your website NEVER given to you by any other tools or web host in the world and is something that is going to absolutely benefit from! We’re really excited about the possibilities that SiteHealth brings to WA and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

Beyond Powerful Hosting - And Brand New Servers!

In 2014 we’ve been making sophisticated and very calculated improvements to our hosting network, building upon the outstanding foundation we already had. You will be happy to know that all of your websites at WA are now running on BRAND new, cutting edge servers, and they have been for a number of months. We are on the bleeding edge of the industry when it comes to our hosting offering.

What does this mean to you?

  • More Security
  • More Speed
  • More Power to process the complexities of WordPress
  • More Power to keep your websites backed up
  • More Redundancy (reliability)
  • More Distribution of your sites

At WA our mentality is different than every other web host out there.

Our mentality is that your website deserves to be running optimally at all times. To make sure this happens, we limit not only how many other sites share the server, but how loaded the servers are.

Other web hosts will cram as many websites as they can on a server because they have to. Offering $5/month hosting gets you $5 per month quality shared with literally thousands of other sites on the same outdated and underpowered server.

At WA, you’ve got the best servers, and your sites share the resources with exponentially fewer websites. This all adds up to a website platform that can handle the demand of the world’s most popular (but sometimes resource consuming) website platform WordPress.


We’re so pleased to bring you all of the above mentioned updates today, but I have really just scratched the surface. I will be blogging in detail about SiteHealth and SiteFeedback in the coming week, so keep your eyes out for those posts.

We want everyone at Wealthy Affiliate to hit 2015 in position to make it your best year yet, and we can assure you that we’ve got a lot in store for you in the coming year. We hope that you’ll love the new features added to your membership today, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Leave us your comments below!


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Riaz Premium
wow this is awesome, thanks Carson, thanks Kyle! Never have I met owners so active in helping people out when you can actually sit back and relax. Your dedication is inspiring to us little people, it gives us hope an trust :D
renelmiller Premium
I totally agree with you! I am so jazzed about all of this. Can't wait.
This is a very interesting upgrade, it can't get any better thank you :O))
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Lorna, this is probably our biggest update to WA that we've ever done! We wanted to focus on the foundation of everyone's businesses, which is the website. All websites built at WA now have SiteHealth metrics available which will tell you exactly where to focus your time and energy. Work towards 100% in all the categories of SiteHealth, and you'll have an outstanding site that will rank very well and be an outstanding resource for your visitors.

Thanks for the feedback :)
dhayman Premium
Awesome! You guys rock.
Carson Premium Plus
I'm glad you like Doug!

We'll be blogging about TWO of the new systems in this release SiteHealth and SiteFeedback very soon. Keep your eye out for those :)
SidBawa Premium
This absolutely great Carson! And i just joined WA in time it seems! I registered my Domain today, now I need to create my site!
Carson Premium Plus
Hey Siddharth! Building a website at Wealthy Affiliate has never been better. SiteHealth and SiteFeedback are going to give you a huge upper hand and insight into optimizing your site to maximize rankings, traffic, and overall quality. Enjoy!
AngelaHall Premium
WOW! I don't understand all of it yet but I am amazed for sure. I can't wait to really dig into it. Back to work for now but when I finish my post I'm working on I plan to submit it in the new place. I also can't wait to check out my site health.
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Angela, there are a ton of features packed into this launch and we'll be blogging and creating training for many of the new features in the coming days and weeks. Site Health is going to be a big help for you to keep your website optimized, have fun with it :)
autumn56 Premium
I love it! That is all.