Introducing The WA Credit System!

Last Update: July 10, 2012
Hi Everyone!

This week we’ve been busy with the updates and we’ve just released a very important update related to WA Credits!

What are WA Credits?

WA credits are our own internal currency that is currently associated with inviting people to the community. For every invitation that confirms their identity via Facebook, you will earn 1 WA credit. Credits are worth $1 USD and can be cashed out via our brand new interface found on the "Share WA" page.

Below is what the interface looks like:

How this works...

As you share WA, you earn credits that can be cashed out to the WA Affiliate Program where you will be paid on the 1st of every month. Cashing out requires you to have a minimum balance of 20 credits. We’ve set this limit because of the fees involved in transferring money, as well as the administrative aspects - it does not make any sense to cash out a value less than $20.

On the "Affiliate Program" page (found in the main menu) you will see a slider that you can move to choose how many credits you would like to cash out. You will also see a little "LINE" which is the cash out threshold. Simply drag the slider to determine how many credits you wish to cash out and click on the green "Cash Out" button.

As soon as you click the cash out button you will receive a commission for the number of cashed out credits in your Affiliate Control Panel. On the 1st of each month when we process WA commissions, you will be paid your credits in USD to your PayPal account.

How to Earn Credits?

Earning credits happens each time someone joins through your unique SHARE url. There are 1000’s of high quality blog posts and training modules that you can share using Facebook, Twitter, Email, or by pasting the Share URL on your website.

Here are some resources on how to Share WA:

Sharing Model Reveal - Earn While You Learn!

The Earning Opportunity of Sharing - WA Sharing is Live!

Earning $1 for referring someone to a FREE service allows you to truly earn while you learn. Let people know about the great community we have here at WA, earn those $1 credits, cash them out and be paid commissions.

To manage your credits visit the "Affiliate Program" link in the main Menu

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing many of you earn some seed money by sharing WA with the world!

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PotPieGirl Premium
Just awesome, guys!

Quick question - What is the difference between 'New Invites' vs "WA Credits' in the affiliate tracking chart?

slayton1s Premium
Hi PotPieGirl. I'm pretty sure WA credits come as a result of New Invites. You get individual credits for referring new people to the 10 day free trial period or from your Training guides. I'd say the only thing that befuddles me right now is if you get paid the $1 credit then you get paid the commission on top of that after they buy the monthly subscription. But of course I'm sure you've figured that out by now. :/

- Thought I'd add I look up to you a lot right along with most other people here in Wealthy Affiliate who knows you. I told that to Jay also & he said he was flying. Hope you're doing great.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Hi Jenn:
Actually I'd like to know the difference, too. Will leave a message for Carson.

You DO get paid the $1 credit ON TOP of the commission if someone joins. See Carson's comment below.
SquidooSlfMstr Premium
Hi Jenn:

I did some research and found the answer to your question, "what is the difference between "New Invites" vs "WA Credits."

With the latest change, people can come inside WA via the "10-day pass" withOUT having to register via their Facebook account.

However, if they want access to comments, training, and some other stuff available inside WA they will have to verify they are a REAL PERSON by registering with their Facebook account. When they do this, you receive a CREDIT (WA cash).

SquidooSlfMstr Premium
AWESOME. This totally makes it possible for newbies to make their first dollar w/o even having to set up a site! You guys are the Pioneers in the Affiliate Marketing world:)

On a side note, Kyle or Carson, I too have "approved commissions" like"georgejhaas" and it said that was to be paid July 1st. Now it says it will be paid August 1st. Could you check if I need to do anything else to get that paid? I'm pretty sure I supplied my PayPal email address. Thanks guys!
Shawn Martin Premium
Another great update, thanks Carson!
jghwebbrand Premium
Kyle, Does this mean that we earn credits only when someone joins WA? Or, are you referring to another way for the members to earn credits? I have $22.50 in commissions waiting for August 1st. due to a re-occurring membership fee when someone joined WA in June. So, I am a little confused about this. George
Carson Premium Plus
WA Credits are earned on TOP of the commissions that you earn when people join full-time as a Premium member. $1 credits are given to people who join for the 10-day trial. You will now earn a credit for every free member that you refer to WA through your affiliate link. If those members join full-time you will earn a $22.50 or $175 commission on top of that. We're crediting you for referring people for free!
slayton1s Premium
Glad you all came out with this. That clears up a lot given people can affiliate with you all in about 4 different ways (make training guides, make $1 referral sales, monthly memberships, yearly memberships). The minimum threshold of $20 clears up a lot too. I referred somebody & they told me they renewed there membership at WA. But apparently they didn't or had a change of heart shortly afterwards.

Thanks. :) I'm excited with this because I'm working on a blog I'm confident I'll get 100 referrals monthly to Wealthy Affiliate once It's going. I'm upgrading to yearly membership myself here real soon too.
PCRoger Premium
Wow! a hundred referrals per month.. keep us up to date with how that goes.

Carson Premium Plus
Hi Seth, great to hear that you're going to push for 100 referrals a month - and I know you can do it. The Credit system and the ability to cash out your credits is the final piece that we've been missing since we released the $1 credit per verified invitation. Also - I look forward to having you around for the next year with the yearly upgrade that you're considering!