Certificate Course Completed!

Last Update: Aug 19, 2017


At last, I have completed the Certificate Course from Getting Started right through to Achieving Maximum Success.

It has truly been an interesting and new experience for me and I feel relieved and happy to have accomplished this far. I need to spend more time researching and creating visually appealing content and to start on The BootCamp Series!

Thank you to Kyle and Carson for all their guidance and help and to this fabulous community that is like family for your support and help through the past 3 months or so.

As we all say 'Onwards and Upwards'!


Recent Comments


Well done Carol, keep up the great work.

Many thanks, Gaylene :)

Good Morning Carol,

Well done, up to the next challenge.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Thank you, Taetske ... yes, on to the next challenge :)

Well done! I am working on it.

Thank you, Khee, it's a great feeling to finally achieve what we set out to do :)

Congratulations Carol, that's wonderful!!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you so much, Tammi :)


Yaaay! Yes, I made it thank you, John :)

We congratulate you for that.

Many thanks, Jimmy :)

Congratulations on your successful completion of your courses and best wishes in your boot camp training

Thank you for the best wishes and encouragement, Mitch :)


Hi, Pablo, Thank you :)

Good job I'm plugging away at affiliate boot camp I don't know if I'll need to go through getting started afterwards for another niche, but I will if need be. Shalom.

Thank you, Mark. I have wondered the same thing and will have another think after I complete Bootcamp :)

Congratulations to you Carol. Well done :)

Thank you, Valerie. I believe I will go through it again as I'm sure I will re-learn some more and cement it more in my mind :)

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