Movin' On

Last Update: March 24, 2017

So, another lesson down and I'm still pushing myself to be on the receiving end of the cash flow. still a work in progress, and I'm still learning something new every day, so I'm still not going to give up because It turns out... I love doing this, and it's such a great feeling when you create something that people are seeing. So I'll start another lesson tommorrow, and keep pushing.

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yarg Premium
Sometimes the money part gives way to doing what one loves to do, thanks for sharing
GaryJr Premium
That's it, keep going and never give up.
CarmenJS Premium
It's really hard sometimes not to give up, but I've never been known to quit without trying my hardest. so thank you Gary.
drcmaint Premium
You're good to go.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Awesome job never give up
sknowy1 Premium
Good stuff Carmen and yes you cannot fail if you don't give up
AGOgden Premium
Yes, Dear Lady...Press ON!
kmer6 Premium
You joined WA to be different. To be normal, you would guit. But you are not normal, and this is good. You are defying the odds because it pleases you to see you can also be creative. We are all proud of your progress and wish you much good fortune.

PS. It gets easier as you progress through the lessons.
Pernilla Premium
Carmen, so wonderful to hear.
Have fun learning and creating.
I'll do the same.
LinDash01 Premium
That's the way to do it :) Thanks for sharing
lynnsam61 Premium
That's the right attitude!
Wayne66 Premium
That's the right attitude, never quit.

I'm still waiting for it to happen but It WILL happen, it just takes time.
CarmenJS Premium
And that's what you have to keep in mind, is that it will happen. If I stay confident and keep working at it, it will get better. :)
Sui_generis Premium
You're doing exactly the right thing. Keep movin' forward.

MKearns Premium
One day...Keep up hope!
Blackiecharm Premium

Keep in mind that there are a bunch of people going through the same thing as you. I find that one day I am confident and then a few days later not so much. I have always wanted to write and guess what. That's what I'm doing. That's what I try to focus on. Writing content to help someone reading my blog.