The Bubble is Coming - WA is the Best Weapon to Get Out of this Storm

Last Update: July 23, 2018

You probably heard of the Trade War between the US VS China, Europe, Canada and other countries.

Recently the US imposed tariffs on $34 billions of Chinese export.

Of course China has retaliated, so the US decides to impose even more tariffs on Chinese export, this time it can reach $200 to $400 billions.

Again I'm sure China will retaliate and things will escalate very quickly.

The ones who will get hurt at the end are e-commerce, consumers and retailers and it will also affect us whose want to build an online business as we're very dependent of retailers, e-commerce and the economy.

The only solution we have is to wait for the storm to pass and keep learning and perhaps after the storm we will be ready to cash in.

So thanks to WA and its great community for this great opportunity.

Be Bamboo my friend, Bamboo can fold, but won't break.


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newlive Premium
Donald Trump on the war path I you say wait and see what happens hope it blows over with no permanent damage..
CalvinC Premium
A lot of people are very careful about that, nobody can predict how damaging it will be.

If it keep going this way I guess it will be very damaging.

However, we can learn to protect ourself and why not make a difference for us.
CandP Premium
Sway like the palm tree in the wind; bend and do not snap!
CalvinC Premium
Exactly, tree and plants are the most robust.

Should we imitate them, Lol.
MKearns Premium
I like the bamboo analogy!
CalvinC Premium

I took it from Bruce Lee when he talk about water, Lol.

What a great man he was.
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Calvin, I think some how we will weather the storm. Having been through several financial downturns in the economy. It is very important that during those moments we keep being visible, writing content and in touch with our client base (email list).
CalvinC Premium
Hi Harvey,

When things go down, it can only go up again.

As you said the most important is to keep working and taking care of our customers. And being patient, then I believe opportunities will come.

Only people who are too busy to complaint all the time don't see the oppotunities.

enstinemuki Premium
He Calvin,
Unfortunately we cannot avoid the storm at our levels. Let's keep learning and building. Soon, we shall see the end of the tunnel
CalvinC Premium
Yes, totally agree.

We can only wait and keep doing what we were doing here at WA.

I believe for something bad there's always something good in return.

The thing is to keep fighting, fighting. And fighting.

PS: looks like you're using Thrive Themes also.
Your website looks great.