2 powerful "tricks" that can increase your sales (very niche dependent)

Last Update: January 22, 2021

That's a pretty strong claim, right?

Well, let's jump right in and skip the formalities for the sake of time. Keep in mind, as I mention in the title, both of these tips can often be quite niche-dependent and definitely won't work for everyone.

Tip #1: "For" and "under"

If you're writing a "best of" post, or a "top X" post, look for keywords that end with either "under" and then a dollar amount, or "for" and then a purpose. Sometimes, you can combine them.

For instance, if you search "best 4K TV for" on Jaaxy, you'll get a lot of keywords like "best 4K TV for sports" or "best 4K TV for xbox", "best 4K TV for the money" and things of that nature, all of which all have okay search volume. If you filter by "avg" or "traffic", you can generate a quick idea of what people are primarily looking for - in this case, mostly cheap 4K TVs to use for gaming.

But, if you search "best 4K TV under" then you'll get basically everything from "best 4K TV under $500" all the way up to "under $2000".

Now, the real magic happens when you can combine those. As an example, "Top 5: Best 4K TVs for gaming under $500" would be a decent starting point as "best TV for gaming" and "best 4K TV under $500" were the highest traffic "niched down" options. From there you might want to target "under $1000" where your picks range in price starting at $500.

This can often require careful curation to make sure your picks are "within budget", but a post like this can rank under many various LSI keywords and potentially the high-traffic root, "best 4K TV".

As you can imagine, this works best in niches where there are large differences in price for "similar" items. In some niches, it might not work at all. A few quick searches will tell you how feasible it is in your own niche.

Tip #2: Build bundles

This is another fairly niche-dependant "trick" but it can potentially work in more niches than #1 does... It can also be a little more confusing than #1 is.

When I say "build bundles", I mean think of items in your niche that rely on one another... And then bundle them together.

Bundles are similar to "top X" or "best of" lists, only, instead of focusing on one item-type, they're comprised of everything a person would need to complete a larger project. That might be 2 items, or it might be 10.

As an example, if your niche is home office equipment, you could make a post about "how to build the best home office on a budget" and include all of the items required to do that in a clean, structured way with concise descriptions about why each item has value (sell the sizzle, not the steak) to the overall "bundle". Now, you have a post that can potentially generate multiple sales per person, instead of just one.

A clean structure is absolutely necessary here as pages can quickly become cluttered and unappealing to a reader with so many items in a single post! When that happens they leave and that's not ideal.

As I said, it's not possible in every niche and you might have to get creative regarding implementation. But, when it can be used it can work great to boost overall sales.


Well, that's pretty much the long and short of it - kind of like this conclusion. I'll try to answer any questions people might have below.

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helenwentri2 Premium
Thank you for these suggestions, I have now noted them.
Only1Hugh Premium
These are very useful suggestions. Thank you very much for sharing
Jenny28 Premium
These tips are great, I will try out tip number one on my next article. Thanks for sharing.
Kyle Premium Plus
Excellent information here Branton, bundles and people searching for something under, or in many cases people looking of the highest quality, cheapest, etc.

Great insights and advice here!
bthiel Premium
Thanks, Kyle! The "for" and "under" keywords are often hidden goldmines - especially for newer websites looking to rank for (very) long-tail "purchase-ready" keywords.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
This has given me a great idea thanks for sharing :-)