Free Your Thoughts

Last Update: Jun 17, 2016


Every great thing we accomplish begins with an idea. You never know what is brewing in your mind that will bring you success. Listen to your ideas as your mind may be trying to help you.

Some of the most successful men and women have a mastermind group to keep them accountable and to bounce ideas off of one another!

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You're absolutely correct, one good thought can change your entire life if you follow through with it :)

Nice, Brian, thanks for sharing. How are you my friend? :))

Thanks for sharing.

Excellent post, Brian. Thanks for sharing.

Great post, and love the mastermind group. Big companies succeed because of several Ideas rolled into a perfect package.

Yes and Henry Ford was one of the earliest users of surrounding himself with great people.

Yes he was. so was Howard Hughes

Thanks for sharing this good reminder, Brian.

You're welcome

Great idea to have a 'mastermind' group! :)

Peers can keep us accountable and I believe better ideas can come when people are united together

I'd like to learn more of this!

Thanks so much!

There is so much to learn that it is a reason to continue looking into.

Mentoring is an important part of recovery - it is an important part of being successful in life in general. Sharing ideas is a great way of growing a small idea into a great idea

Yes you're right and thanks for commenting!

I agree, thanks for sharing.

You're welcome Joy!

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