Best of Intentions

Last Update: June 16, 2016

Best of Intentions

So many times we have the best of intentions. We start a website and wait. We just hope people will find it and the money will start rolling in. We got the site started and wait, day after day.

What is happening? Nothing seems to change except our enthusiasm. Soon discouragement enters in and we are ready to give up. "This stupid thing doesn't work. Somebody ripped you off!

You only half built your site. Each of us will have to adjust, change, and modify to create our own successful website. While the basics are the same, we each will have our own individual success formula.

Stay the Course

Until you stay the course and complete your own successful site, it is only half done. Keep fine tuning and adjusting until you complete your site.

The Reward

The reward will be your success. Only half completing this task will lead to failure. So many have quit before you, will you follow them or stay the course and complete your tasks?

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MPollock Premium
Guilty. Thanks for sharing
KatieMac Premium
I agree I can be so guilty of trying to do too many tasks at once
SWATTS99 Premium
Amen friend! Fantastic post and words of wisdom! Thank you ;)
katzee Premium
Helpful post Brian. I hope it will be seen by those who need it. So sad to see people throw their dreams away. The tools are here - the rest is up to us. I am a bit stuck due to other commitments, but haven't given up - ready to launch back in asap.
JudeP Premium
Quitters never win :)