How many site visits today.

Last Update: May 20, 2015

I've had my site up and running for about three months.

Every time i log on the computer to do some work on the site I first visit google analytics to see how many visits I've had. The trouble is I've noticed my mood can alter depending on what results are revealed.

A poor total of visits and i'm slightly despondent, questioning whether its worthwhile and what i'm doing wrong. On these days its often hard to get motivated. A good total and i'm elated, raring to go and invariably get down and write a new post without much difficulty. I wonder how many of you have similar experiences.?

I set myself a target of 150 visits a day. Initially I was getting about 20 but it has slowly built up to about 50 daily, the best day being 61. I don't know whether this is good or bad but i think i should be able to reach my target of 150 in the next 6 months.

I have noticed that Saturdays are the worst day be far for the number of visits, perhaps my target audience are out riding their bikes.

I am still building content for the site so i'm confident that visits will improve. I've found the best antidote for those days when visits are low is to go do something else and come back when i'm in a better frame of mind.



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MoritzS Premium
Same here. Even my stats are very similar to your stats. ;)

Thing is that most of my visitors come from WA anyways.
As long as I don't get more organic traffic I am going nowhere.
All that can be done is to keep going and don't give up quickly.

I was very frustrated a few days ago, but it got better again. :)
phoenix2 Premium
I have those days too. Keep at it though. I think you are right, your audience is out riding!
craig6 Premium
just keep going sounds like your on the up...that's of luck
pinkabella Premium
Well done I think you will most definitely hit your 150 target. Keep up the good work it will pay off.
BruceS Premium
Thanks pinkabella for your support
CTisby Premium
Hey BruceS,

I think that you are doing just fine, and I know that you're doing better than I am.

I have had my site up for 6 months now, about 50 pages and 23 posts so far, and I only get about 3 visitors per day. So I too wonder is it all worth it, but I know that I have come too far to quit. I have to stick it out and see what happens, that's just my personality.

I figure that if I follow the training, which I am, it will only be a matter of time before things turn around. Just keep at it man, something will click for you and I.
BruceS Premium
CTisby, Thanks for sharing, yeah .Im like you once i get my teeth into something i stick with it.I'm sure you will get the traffic.