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Last Update: July 08, 2016

Recently in my blog regarding security concerns with Adobe flash, I mentioned the growing menace of ransomeware infection,

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, hackers use ransomeware to encrypt your computer files and then charge you a large sum of money before giving you the key so that you can unlock them.

This threat of course should serve as a timely reminder to regularly back up your data in perhaps more than one secure location. Also watch those e mails from sources you are uncertain of the senders, do not open any attachments documents or pictures.

Should your computer become infected there is a tool to help you avoid paying those nasty criminal hackers any of your hard earned cash... It is called ID Ransomeware

It is available from

How it works is very simple, you just upload the ransome note or a sample encrypted file to ID Ransomeware, and it will work out which software the naughty hackers have employed to lock your valuable data.

Next, it informs you of the methods and software tools that could be employed in the recovery of files.

It is good to know there is a solution to the growing rise in this type of attack by unscrupulous hackers. They are becoming more active in Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and lately the USA.

Stay safe my friends,..... and do that back up now!

Make sure those in your own network are aware of this and my other recent security alerts, otherwise only my own followers will be receipt of these vital pieces of information.

Regards to you all, have an enjoyable productive weekend.

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Loes Premium
I hope I never have to deal with this, thank you for this option:) Is this a free service?
Brookline Premium
They do not perform the actual correction themselves ..... only give you the guide to the software that will execute it.
I have never been in the position of being hacked so I am unaware if the corrective measures are chargeable items.
Sorry not knowing can't say.
MrsKiersten Premium
This is great for any version of ransomware that stores the encryption key on your own computer. I think there is a new version that stores the encryption key on the hacker's own server though, so that is the one you definitely don't want to end up with.
Brookline Premium
You are so right.... There will be a total deterrent for all types soon.
dorina62 Premium
I found it, I wrote ID Ransomware
Thanks for it!A nice weekend!
dorina62 Premium
That link is not working for me!Can you check it?
Ecowarrior Premium
Yes I was a victim of 'Crypto Locker' which is a large one of these ransomware type viruses! Thankfully I had backups of my important stuff but realise I should just backup everything to be safe! Thanks for the reminder! Regards, Lisa