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With mobile devices being used more and more to access the Web it is very important that our sites are mobile friendly. Fortunately there is a way to test your site to give you the information you need and will lead you to discovering any corrective measures required.The 3 areas that are up for testing are:-Mobile Friendliness ScoreMobile Phone Speed ScoreDesk Top and Laptop Speed Score Some notes for you before startingTo see your site scores in succession, just scroll through using the orange
The win7 Start menu has perhaps become ingrained in many of our computer psyches over the years, and the familiar is always most comfortable to us. For those of us who would like to keep using the Win 7 Start menu ... You can get itYou can replace the Win 10 Start menu by installing Classic Shell( Cortana is not your thing or of any use to yourself, then you can remove this also by right clicking the search box and select 'Cortana Hidden' Another way of doing this is by g
Windows 10 of course is free but the price you have to put up with are those pesky suggestions (other wise known as adverts) for other Windows apps appearing in the start menu.Currently there are 5.. The Anniversary Update will increase this to 10. This is of course isat the expense of your preferred installed apps.If you are annoyed at this you can switch off the feature quite easily.Go to Settings, Personalisation, Start and use the toggle to turn of the option label'Occasionally show sugge
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If you have decided to continue with Windows 10, then perhaps you would be interested in removing items you don't need. This will be advantageous .... free up a lot of storage space and resources.Click Start and type 'Programs and features.' Launch this, then select 'Turn Windows features on or off ' You can then decide those you would like to remove. Do ensure you know what a particular item actually does before you uninstall it!The list below details those recommended for removal without ca
July 28, 2016
Sometimes we are so engrossed with our website building activities devoting great chunks of our lives, that we can become jaded and perhaps a little obsessive.It can happen that we fail to appreciate the simple things and the wonder of the world around us seen through other eyes.H R Jennings from Bedford England, penned this poem and had it published in a National newspaper recently. Thought I might share it . To a Grandson Come, walk with me and h
Getting a little fed up with being greeted as a guest every time I access a WA email notification. Still no reply from Kyle to my private message about this over a week ago.Another glitch? Or just indifference to my difficulty
Today ... Pleased to find 4 Email notifications stating WA members now following me. Clicking on in the normal manner to their profiles resulted in each case of opening up the correct page... But welcoming me as a guest!Subsequently I cannot make any comment Next suddenly pops up the standard invite to join WA !! over the existing member's normal log-in box. Log in then reverts to profiles. And comments can be made. Ok, problem solved but what a total waste of valuable time. What on earth is
News in that LinkedIn are having serious problems called the "Real Deal" with a hacker named Peace offering massive amounts of information for sale in BitcoinsThis refers back to a 2012 problem when LinkedIn reported that 6.5 million accounts had been compromised ... The new figure is 117million log ins for sale although the real deal is the e-mail listing of the businesses affected.If you are involved with Linked in then you should investigate this further without delay.Obviously your log in n
Wednesday 20th April .... Apple announced on its support page."QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple"Security firm Trend Micro have released an urgent blog urging that Windows users of QuickTime uninstall the software as soon as possible, as it had identified two new security holes.It has also been noted in other reports ITunes used QuickTime's video player functions for some of its own media including video content bought from the iTunes Store.This withdrawal of support has a
Recently in my blog regarding security concerns with Adobe flash, I mentioned the growing menace of ransomeware infection,For those of you unfamiliar with the term, hackers use ransomeware to encrypt your computer files and then charge you a large sum of money before giving you the key so that you can unlock them.This threat of course should serve as a timely reminder to regularly back up your data in perhaps more than one secure location. Also watch those e mails from sources you are uncertai