So good to be back

Last Update: July 15, 2014

Not sure if some of you noticed, but I have been MIA for at least 2 weeks...possibly closer to 3.

Quite a bit of that time was spent driving back and forth between St. Louis (well almost technically I was still in Illinois) and Ohio.

My new house is bought. I'm all moved in (still a few boxes of books to unpack). And now I FINALLY have access to internet at home again.

I've been keeping up as best I can with some of my social media sites from my phone and limited computer access. I'm so excited to be back in full swing though. So much more to learn!

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BIS Premium
Nice to see you back. :) Beverley
Eddie C Premium
Great to have you back and congrats on the new home.
cubandane Premium
Good to see you back Brooke, and hope your settling in goes smoothly.
All the best. Simon
Kyle Premium
Great to have you back and congrats on the new house Brooke! I know how time consuming and tiring a move can be, but it is great to have you back here at WA. :)
Shawn Martin Premium
Glad you are settling in!