Kyle Might Actually Be Right When It Comes To Comments

Last Update: July 07, 2015

So by now you all probably know about the comment system here at WA.

Just like most of you I follow what WA teaches very closely and usually apply anything I learn right away.

Once I learned about the comment system I gave it a try and started getting comments on my last few weeks of posts.

I don't usually receive comments on most of my posts so what I'm about to show you must have something to do with the extra comments I've been getting since the release of the comment system.

  • Here are a few examples. My best post so far is Transcribe Me. I received 4 comments on this post and it's began to bring in 10-20 organic search a day.
  • Another post is 11 usability testing jobs. I received 4 comments on this and it's bringing in 5-10 organic search a day.
  • I have several others that are getting 1-3 which I don't feel like listing.

I know the numbers aren't huge, but I've receive some sort of traffic from 8 of my last 14 posts. This is wayyyyyyyy more then usual not to mention it usually takes a few weeks if not longer to see any kick back.

I've also seen more of my posts getting ranked. I think yesterday I had 83 different organic search landing pages (different posts visited through organic search). At the beginning of July mid 50s is the highest I had seen.

I guess I wanted to share with you that so far the comments have worked from me and if you stick with it and apply what WA, Kyle, and Carson teach you will see results.

Thanks for reading,


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MarionBlack Premium
Way to go Brok. Google is starting to recognize you as an authority. ~Marion
JeanL Premium
Shawn Martin Premium
Look at the bigger picture. Steady daily interaction with comments will boost your authority with google, that will pay off huge in the future :)
BrokFTJFH Premium
You're exactly right! Overtime it's going to be a huge advantage!
Loes Premium
Thanks Brok, I must schedule a daily periode for giving and asking comments then:)
DoubleTap Premium
Stellar news... thankin' ya', Brok!