Goya Helped me "GOYA"!

Last Update: November 10, 2021

Hello fellow WA Journeymen!

Whether you're new or old to WA, we all feel at times like we're stumped and lacking direction or motivation.

This was ME, last May!

2020, was very difficult with the loss of first, my precious, Michi, and later on my sons' father. For 6 months, I was a creative dud!

I did NO stained glass, or writing.

Thankfully, I kept my outside commitments, so I wasn't completely isolated.

I listened to many motivational speakers and how to YouTube, Podcast, and WA Trainings!

All these great ideas, but where to start?

Take small ACTIONS!

Before, I could begin, I needed to clear away some clutter from my mind.

I used my "Brain Dump" technique.

Pulling out my notebook, in 5 minutes time, I wrote all the things on my mind.

Household, financial, personal, relationships, you name it, ...if it was in my head it went down on paper.

Once down on paper, I could sort each into a bucket of to-dos.

Taking care of this Goya, was on my list!

Goya! "Get Off Your Arse", Barb!

"The Lady With the Fan"

The Story...

This painting always hung in my Grandparents' home, and eventually in my Mom's.

When she passed away in 2013, my sister didn't want her, so I took her with me.

She went down to Texas and then back up to Michigan and in my condo. Sadly, she slipped from the wall, and the frame was damaged.

She's back down in Texas, and sits neglected in the guest bedroom.

As I approach my older years, I'm trying to unload some things, and this mystery Goya is one.

Her story before...

Back in the depression era, my grandfather, had a food business like Sam Walton. He offered cases of canned goods at discount prices, so as a family, they always had the basics, and money to go around.

Grandma, came from Serbia, and Grandpa from Greece, and they both embraced the American dream.

Grandma stayed close to the Serbian community, and knew the Ambassodor to the US from Serbia.

Evidently, the ambassodor had some major gambling debts, which put him in a bind.

He asked for my Grandpa's help. With no means to repay, he offered a painting of my Grandmother's choice, and so "The Lady With the Fan", by Goya, became a permanent fixture in their home.

For years, we have been unable to find out much information about her.

Using Goya to GOYA!

I decided to reach out to Christies, in New York, and see what they had to say, if anything.

I needed to submit pictures and a history!

Small steps started with my computer and WRITING!

Just that need to express in written word, was enough to get me back to writing!

I submitted the information, and waited.

4-6 weeks later, my reply from Christies, "Not in the price range for our auction house".

Okay, with a WT??

It's better to know, then continue to speculate.

Since the rejection from Christies, through a friend, I've had her assessed.

I'm not sitting on a priceless painting!

What I do have is called a "Goya Follower".

Looking at the detail in the face compared to the body and the hands, I thought perhaps, Goya may have started this and a student finished her.

Regardless, she's not 100 percent Goya.

She is NOT worthless!

With frame repair and a good cleaning, she is worth several, thousand dollars.

Seeds are now planted to get her into a good home, and save her from being parked by the trash. Knowing what will happen to my estate, when I'm gone, this would surely have been her fate.

I have 2 Texas auction houses to check into, but if they don't want her, shipping or driving her back to Michigan, is a viable option.
Shipping costs are not nearly, what I expected.
For around a hundred dollars, she can go safely to be restored and marketed.

Projects take time!

My responsibility, is to do the things needed, at the right time.

Step by step, we get the answers and when we take ACTION, things begin to happen.

The main idea is to make progress!

Here at WA we all have our visions, and sometimes, we get stuck.

Whether we stay stuck, is our own problem.

"Knock and the door will open! Seek and Ye shall find."

I've not been stuck for awhile.

I began to have momentum and have made a daily effort the "Go with the flow".

Reading about our fellow "Journeymen", and their successes and failures, show me that I'm never alone on this WA adventure!

Today Matters! Make the most of it!

Closing song...

"Today" - Brad Paisley

"...well I'm feelin' like the luckiest

man alive today.

And I don't know about tomorrow

But right now the world feels right

and the memory of a Day like today

can get you through the rest of your life..."

Thank you all, WA community for being here everyday!

Off to do my Wednesday biddings, with this successful post out of my way!

"Each day is a brand new slate!" Create your masterpieces on step at a time.

Best success to all!


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Zoopie Premium
My god, you have a Goya. I studied Art history at University and I know the potential you are sitting on. That is fantastic stuff.
I can see Barb in a BMW and a Beachfront house…..BBQ,s everyday l It could be a Big year. All started with b, pretty good huh. Lol.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Steve, We always thought it was authentic, and the guy that assessed did it through pictures. So, I'm not just going this his assessment.
I was hoping to take her to Antiques Roadshow, that comes to Houston, on occassion. David Lakke art house is right here, and he is often an appraiser for the show. They are my next step.
Meantime, she's safe upstairs.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
I'm slowly making it to 100 blogs, Stevie!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
We all get stuck from time to time Barb, you will never be alone there!

Keep making as much progress as possible daily and we will never be stuck for long!

The community here is fantastic when we ever question what we are doing and the direction we are heading, so GOYA and get some writing done my friend!:-)
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Nick, that is my plan! GOYA and write! LOL
Jessiefido Premium Plus
I'm happy to hear that Barb!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent post, Sis! Good luck on the Goya too! Things might start looking up sooner rather than later!

brichnow21 Premium Plus
In the meantime, Jeff, do what I can, right?
Things are not always a hurdle, but simply a Loooong, stop light! :)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, Barb! I know exactly what you mean!

1Rudy1 Premium
That's one hellova story, Barb.

I wish you Good luck placing it.

I've been carrying around a wood sculpture that has been in my family as long as I've been around. It sits in the foyer entry, it watches intently...grin.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Oh, I can imagine, Rudy!
Remember those movies where the eyes were following you? LOL
She's been part of the scenery for years, and I bet she has stories to tell, too!
1Rudy1 Premium
Ah yes, lol, the wall portraits that hung in the 'great room' or on wall as you go up and down the staircase...grin.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
Oh, yes!
But not going upstairs;)
She spent time in the livingroom at Grandma's and the dining room at Mom's.
Their houses were more suited to her grandeur.
I'm in Texas! Yee-Haw! LOL
FKelso Premium Plus
Have you tried Sotheby's? It's an auction house...might be a good place to check. I sold a White Mountain Indian basket to them a few years ago...I'd paid $90 for it, kept it for 30 years, and Sotheby's sold it for $9,000. Not a bad return.

Aren't there also other art auction houses that you could try? Just a thought...
brichnow21 Premium Plus
No I haven't tried Sotheby's, but will reach out to several others before shipping her off, Fran.
Basket for $90?? Terrific return!!
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Fran, I was sent a link to Sotheby's by Stephen, and I've submitted her!
I should know something in a couple of weeks.
Will let you know!!