Beware Of Email Scammers!

Last Update: Feb 10, 2023

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Anyone Finding Emails Like This Beware!

Email scammers are criminals who are out to cheat innocent victims out of their money. They use various techniques, such as phishing, to try to trick people into handing over personal or financial information. In some cases, they may even demand that victims pay a ransom or face the threat of having their computers hacked. The truth is, email scammers are nothing more than con artists who are only interested in getting your money. So, anyone finding emails like this beware. Let`s get started.

Email #1

IMF Information Department <>Fri 10/02/2023 06:07Dear Email Owner,

This is to let you notice that your email address was chosen by random
to receive a compensation fund via visa ATM card worth us $2.8 million
from the IMF. Therefore, we wish also confirm if your email address is
still valid, just in case yes, we recommend that you contact our
information department for validating that your
email is still valid and also for further information on the fund and
how to apply to receive your compensation fund.

Information Department

Email #2

antonio <>Fri 10/02/2023 04:43Dear Sir/Madam?
You have received this email simply because I would like to donate or
assign to you the sum of € 350 thousand EUR freely. So, kindly send me
your name/address and I will forward it to my private bank to contact
you for the transfer.
Best wishes,
Antonio Mazzoni
Venezia, Italy

These criminals will use any means necessary to try and get their hands on your money. They may send emails that appear to be from a legitimate company or financial institution, asking you to confirm your account details or provide additional information. They might even offer fake deals or investments that promise huge returns. Whatever the case, all of these emails are designed to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

Email #3

Your first payment of $5,000.00 is readyWUWestern Union <>To:

  • barr kelly guaruah

Thu 09/02/2023 14:13

WE SENT THE FIRST PAYMENT 5,000 USD...pdf128 KBDear beneficiary,

We wish to inform you that you’re winning/ compensation funds of
$1.500, 000.00 USD; your email has won the sum of $1.500, 000.00
dollars through an Internet contest lottery bonus under Western Union
Money Transfer Company. The lottery bonus is being contested every
year and it is for a promotion of the company Western Union Money

The last contest was made through the internet by people’s email
addresses worldwide. We are contacting you because you are among the
winners; here is your winning code [WHP818452], and we also received
an instruction directly from the Headquarters, (Devin McGranahan -
Chief Executive Officer - Western Union) instructed us to start
sending $5,000 daily to you until you confirm the total funds of
$1.500, 000.00 USD completely into your custody.

We’ve already sent $5,000.00 to you but unfortunately you cannot pick
up the money because you have to transfer $158.00 USD, Which is
Western Union clearance charges as the right beneficiary. The Money
Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is here (002-782-1862).
Sender Country: GREECE
MTCN: 002-782-1862
Amount: $5,000 USD

The agreement has been made at the Headquarters and you have to hurry
up and pay $158.00 as soon as you confirmed that the first payment of
$5,000.00 is available online. Therefore you are advised to transfer
$158.00 for the clearance charges with this information.

Therefore you are advised to send the $158.00 through MoneyGram Money
Transfer or RIA Money Transfer with this information.
Surname: ANDESON
Receiver Name: DONALD IYKE
Country, GREECE
Amount: $158 USD

We are waiting to receive the payment transfer receipt of $158 USD
from you once you made the payment.

Yours in service
Dr. Darius Andino

At the end of the day, email scammers are nothing more than criminals who are looking to cheat you out of your money. They prey on people’s vulnerability and desperation, so it’s important to stay alert and never give out any personal or financial information. If you receive an email that looks suspicious, delete it immediately and report it to the authorities. Don’t let email scammers get away with stealing your hard-earned money.

I get emails like this everyday and very wise to these scammers. So, if you do receive emails of this nature, remember, these are scammers trying to obtain your details or funds. Never send any personal details, including bank details. NEVER NEVER respond REPORT REPORT. Don`t become a victim.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, have a great productive day,


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I had someone who fell for the Nigerian scam. His vanity and ego made him refuse to see how it was a scam because of course he was worth of a huge sum of money. He literally sent millions to them, and they always had one excuse or another on why the money was held up. Our friendship broke up over this. By the time he died an early death, I hope he knew the truth.

This is really something to be aware of. I think that the amount of email scams has made it difficult to build a email list that has a high percentage of "opens." Unless people recognize right away the source, most now delete emails immediately. Making one's well know is an important part of marketing. Email "cold calls" tend not to work anymore.

I agree! Have a great weekend.

I get stuff like that in my spam folder; I delete them.
Thank you for the info.

You`re welcome. Have a great weekend.

Yes, a Great warning, Brian!


Thanks Jeff.🙏🙏

You're very welcome, Brian!


Thanks for the heads-up, Brian.

You`re welcome.



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