The One Ring to Rule Them All

Last Update: October 12, 2016

The One Ring to Rule Them All is a great way to describe what I'd like to discuss here. As we know from the pages of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" written by J. R. R. Tolkien, there was the one ring that could rule all the rest. I'd like to apply this as an analogy to the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. Bear with me and you'll see how I get there...

Achievement Unlocked

I've experienced achievement after achievement, unlocked by a core understanding of how the internet works behind the scenes. Since taking the first steps into this journey back in June of 2015, I've done a few things, that I'd like to lay out to you. I'm not doing this for a pat on the back or an "attaboy," but rather, am building a case of the importance behind training that's made available here, and how it relates to the title I've chosen for this post.

  1. First, I created a new website titled "Supernatural Truth in Christ," (which can be found on my profile page) with the intentions of using it as a means by which I could express my faith, and share what I believe the Lord has show me concerning all kinds of different areas of life.
  2. Second, That website in a short amount of time wound up transforming into a ministry of sorts. So that in itself has a whole separate list of to do's than a regular website.
  3. Authored two books, "Kingdom of Darkness in a Fallen World," and most recently released, "Not of this World: Out of the Mire." This was done 100% independently. Indie authorship means allot of things and has a liberating sense about it. However, it isn't long before you learn that indie authorship is a polite way of saying "You're on your own!" So along with authorship comes marketing. If you're an Indie Author and don't have a clue about marketing, then you're in for a long ride (I know from experience)
  4. I started producing videos on my YouTube channel. This is actually fun for me to do after having learned a program I picked up to edit the videos. I've not made too many videos thus far... It's that ever elusive dimension of life called time that is required to make a video (at least for me), and make them as time allows.
  5. Social media growth and participation is always touted as being a crucial aspect of getting your site, name, or brand out there. And it's true! Particular as an online ministry where interaction is the point! Over this time I've noticed that the majority of my site comments come directly from others that are subs via different social media groups.

Education for All

Alright, aside from the obvious (which would be the website), what does any of this have to do with the training made available here at WA? Well, if you can understand SEO as it relates to your website, and utilize the various courses made available here, you can apply that understanding to much more than what you think! The same rules apply for YouTube videos, social media posts (for the most part), book pages on Amazon, profile pages of any kind, etc..

The same rules are being applied across the board in the majority of the situations I find myself getting involved with. And it's that "one ring" of understanding that you apply to your page, that you can apply to all of these other areas across the internet.

I've written this post with the intention of showing you the value behind what is being taught here at WA, and I hope that it's broadened your horizons a bit, as you apply what you learn into all other areas you land yourselves in throughout the internet; to be seen, heard, discovered, included, and successful! Thanks for stopping in and reading - The One Ring to Rule Them All!

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KelseyLim Premium
Lord of the Rings is a classic and my top favourite. The One Ring to Rule Them All is a good analogy here because the training and tutorials are all encompassing and can be applied to any website. Even for those that may not want to have a website will them educational and informative. I for one enjoy the platform and the community of highly spirited members sharing and helping others along the way. [Kelsey]
BReynolds Premium
Hi Kelsey,
You're right, but not just websites, but in any given online situation where you need to be found & Heard. Like I wrote above, different social posts, profile pages from whatever the social outlet, (in my case) book descriptions, etc.. We can carry what is learned here about webpages to create a strong online presence, or strengthen a brand.
Thanks for your comment!
rgindy25 Premium
Very nice read... glad to see I'm working along with so many other emerging entrepreneurs making their presence known in this internet space.
BReynolds Premium
Thanks for your comment rgindy25, this is a great place to glean from the pro's that's for sure. Thanks for the comment!
drjec Premium
It sounds like you are making a lot of progress with you sites and that they are helping all of your visitors.
BReynolds Premium
Thank you Drjec, I appreciate that.
PatLemy Premium
Thanks for sharing..

BReynolds Premium
My pleasure Pat, thanks for reading!