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Hi, this isn't going to be the most in-depth and fancy post, but I just quickly would like to point something out...Every once and awhile, I'll take a keyword that I'm using for the site, modify it a little, and do a Google search intending to find some great ranking sites to leave a comment on. I'd say that 35-40% of the time, the only option given to leave any comment at the end of a post is through a Facebook app. This may work out well for some, but is very presumptuous, assuming that every
November 01, 2016
Hi there folks,Blogging Tips on WordPress can be the fruit of a simple accident. Happy to say, not every accident has a horrific ending. Here's a quick discovery I dug up while working on my WordPress Blog. Tips, Tricks, and advice, is scattered all over the place here at W.A., and most are very useful for those of us that work on posts that exceed 1,000 word or more. If you're partial to typing out relatively long blog posts, you may find yourselves doing allot of scrolling up and down the pag
The One Ring to Rule Them All is a great way to describe what I'd like to discuss here. As we know from the pages of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" written by J. R. R. Tolkien, there was the one ring that could rule all the rest. I'd like to apply this as an analogy to the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. Bear with me and you'll see how I get there...Achievement UnlockedI've experienced achievement after achievement, unlocked by a core understanding of how the internet works behind the sc
November 21, 2015
Faith based bloggers have something that they need to keep their eye on when it comes to certain things, much more so than regular non faith based. I guess this is a generic term and is painting with the broad brush because that can go for just about anything, so what I am about to say may not matter to some. As difficult as it may be to find affiliate content that fits particular faith based websites, there is something that I believe should be recognized about Pay Per Click ads.For the most p
Here's a post about generating natural comments from people outside of the WA arena. Although I really think that the comment section here at WA is great and very effective, it's always nice to get some that come more naturally. Although I'm no guru, I've found a way to encourage some fresh genuine comments to my site, and I think you can benefit from this method.An Authority in your NicheIf you are following the tutorials here at WA, there's no small indicator that you should be following a n
Hi,Just wanted to write this up for anyone that may be rather new to this whole thing. One of the things that I learned without anyone telling me (in other words the hard way) is to approve comments here at WA first, instead of in WordPress. Now, if you see a comment at WP and it's not here, it's not from here, meaning it did not come through the Comments section in the SiteRubix tab. In that case move ahead and do your thing in WordPress. However, if you approve a comment in WordPress that ori
July 23, 2015
I just wanted to make a note for all to read concerning the effectiveness of Google Plus through WA. I've had an account for years, but never really did much with it. Never had any following there either. Since joining WA, I've learned a bit concerning G+ and have utilized the G+ thread usually share a new post via this outlet and wind up with more and more hits each time I do it. Once per post is more than enough, just make sure to utilize
Just thought I'd throw this writing tip out there for anyone that may be newer than myself at the whole blogging thing. I've found a half way descent strategy to avoid lack of information and to also avoid grammatical errors, it's best to step away from your computer (or at least do something else on it for awhile), and revisit it in a few hours or so. Maybe even sleep on it.The point behind doing this is to take a look at it with a fresh set of eyeballs. You might find that you'll be able to a