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Last Update: December 08, 2016

Hi, this isn't going to be the most in-depth and fancy post, but I just quickly would like to point something out...

Every once and awhile, I'll take a keyword that I'm using for the site, modify it a little, and do a Google search intending to find some great ranking sites to leave a comment on. I'd say that 35-40% of the time, the only option given to leave any comment at the end of a post is through a Facebook app.

This may work out well for some, but is very presumptuous, assuming that everyone has a Facebook account. Personally, I don't have a Facebook account, therefore I leave the page without being able to leave a comment. With many people being turned off by Facebook and finding out what else is out there, I can't be the only person who this happens to.

So I would suggest that you stay mindful of the options available to your visitors as it relates to engagement, because as we learn here at W.A., comments are very important. To date (12-8-2016) My site has received 807 comments to the site. 159 of them are from the comments section here at W.A., the rest have come organically via this generic appearing comments box in the picture below.

In my opinion, this is the best way to go for your site, if you're looking for the most possible organic comments to your posts and pages. No frills, and rather plain, granted... But how many people have ever failed to leave a comment because the comment section wasn't pretty?

If your content is good enough, then that'll do the talking for you. And having convinced someone engage with you via a comment, they're too busy wanting to throw their thoughts down into the comment box, to formulate thoughts on the appearance of the box itself.

So, don't miss out on any organic comments coming your way by placing all of your eggs in one basket. Keep the options open and available for your readers.

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viyee Premium
Thank you for sharing!
BReynolds Premium
My pleasure, thanks for checking it out!
Loes Premium
That's quite a lot of organic comments! Very nice!
BReynolds Premium
Hi there Loes, thank you!
Numerous Premium
OK so let me give you the other side of this. Using plugins you can actually set it up so that the comments made on your page show up on the post on your Facebook page too. This basically gives you twice the exposure for each content. It makes your Facebook page look like an active community and it makes your website look like an active page. One has to do with SEO and the other with Social media engagement.

Speaking as someone that has programmed this functionality into a site, it is VERY difficult to have the option to do both. It's possible but that's why you'll only see this functionality in premium plugins which not everyone chooses to use.

In addition to that while you don't use FB a lot of people do, and they have literally been conditioned to use the FB login button where ever it is provided and because they don't realize the consequences of this do so with abandon. It's actually easier to do to. Plus FB has strict restrictions on their app builders so you're less likely to get spam this way.

Don't get me wrong. I rarely use FB myself and I almost never use it to login anywhere. I actually have a junk email that I use specifically for posting comments to sites like yours. :) My only point here is that there are legitimate reasons for using FB login for comments. Which you use is really up to you.
BReynolds Premium
I agree, there are probably several reasons to use it, otherwise there'd be allot less people utilizing the feature. You've listed a couple of great reasons to use it right there. But still, using it limits you to Facebook users only.

I guess it depends on where you intend to get the bulk of your traffic from. If it's from Facebook, then you're all set. But if it's from organic searches, then you might be losing potential action on your page.

It is a shame that it's an added expense, or as you say, is difficult to incorporate both.

I appreciate your comment, thanks!