been quiet for a few days

Last Update: June 22, 2018

Unfortuanately ive been quiet for a few days not been great unfortunately just when i thought i was beating stress/depression whatever you call it, certain people made me feel pretty worthless, so instead of being positive you start to doubt yourself.

Well im not going to let it beat me and im going to make sure tomorrow i get back on track, i no longer want people to control how i feel, i need to get control of my life and how i feel.

i will be a success on here and this will prove to myself how good i can be.

sorry it may be a bit of a depressive post but sometimes i need to write down how im feeling to get it out of my system, heres wishing everyone a lovely weekend and hope everything is great for you all.

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MKearns Premium
You can write away depression with a post!
Sammy-B Premium
Brett, we all get days like that when we feel down and stressed and start to doubt ourselves - especially when others make us feel worthless. But I think it's great that you've come to the decision to fight this negativity and follow your path to success. This is the right attitude, Brett, and I'm sure you will be successful. Believe in yourself - you can do it!
firstlearn Premium
Unfortunately, I have been there in the past. I am sure you know to just try and work through it and be as positive as you can.

brettbrtsk Premium
Thank you for your kind words, I know I will get there but I’m the kind of person who finds it easy to make people laugh and feel good about themselves unfortunately not so good at making myself feel so good about myself
DianeWehi Premium
Hang in there friend.
You have the right attitude, to no longer let people control how you feel..
You may have a down day and everyone can relate to that, just keep going, one baby step at a time.
Look back how far you have come.
Pretty amazing :)
Thank you for sharing, for how would we know you need support.
A friend in WA :)