Why Going Faceless Can Elevate Your YouTube Channel

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Hi WAers,

A while ago, Roope wrote a blog post creating content on YouTube or TikTok. He said you do not have to show your face. He does show his face. He also did a few expert classes with YouTube and TikTok.

You can watch Roope (Rob) videos for Premium Plus new members.


At the time, I was not ready to look into it. Now, I've been watching a lot of YouTube channels, and I see more and more content is faceless, and those channels are already monetized. I wondered how they did that. I set out to do some research to learn how to do this.

Scorpion Rock Queen (aka DianeScorpio) has written a blog post about how to do faceless YouTube shorts.


If you are like me and fear YouTube, going faceless might be a thing for us to do. However, why should you consider going faceless on your YouTube channel?

This blog post will the benefits of creating content without showing your face, and tips with that give you vital opportunity to have multiple channels and monetize on YouTube.

The Six Benefits of Creating a Faceless YouTube Channel

1.Anonymity and Privacy:

Creating a faceless YouTube channel allows you to maintain anonymity and privacy. You can express yourself without revealing your true identity by not showing your face. This can be particularly appealing if you value their privacy or wish to keep certain aspects of their life separate from their online presence.

2. Broader Audience Appeal:

If you go faceless on YouTube, you can also broaden your audience. A broad range of viewers from different backgrounds and demographics may be more likely to connect with your content without a specific physical appearance tied to your channel. As a result, viewership and engagement can increase.

3.Increased Creativity and Storytelling:

Remove the focus on your physical appearance; going faceless allows you to focus on other elements of creativity and storytelling. You can explore unique ways to convey narratives through visuals, animations, graphics, or even focusing solely on audio with voiceovers. It pushes you to think outside the box and experiment with new formats that capture attention.

4.Collaborating With Other Creators:

A faceless YouTube channel offers opportunities to collaborate with other creators. With no personal image attached, associations become less about appearances and more about shared interests or complementary content styles. Both channels can benefit from exciting collaborations by partnering purely on creative synergy.

5. Incorporating Voiceovers:

Incorporate voiceover narration into your YouTube videos to enhance storytelling and captivate your viewers. Scripting and editing your words can ensure each sentence hits its mark, helping you deliver information or convey emotions more effectively. Doing so can elevate your content's quality and make it more compelling for viewers.

6. Use Animations, Graphics, or AI Images

By incorporating animations or graphics into YouTube content, you can elevate it. Adding visual elements can engage your viewers and enhance the viewing experience without showing your face. You can use animated diagrams, infographics, or illustrations to break down complicated topics engagingly. It helps to visually represent complex ideas or concepts that may be difficult to explain with words alone.

The whole point of being faceless is having complete control over visually presenting yourself in videos. You can leverage this by incorporating animations or graphics that align with your branding or content theme. These visual elements add an extra layer of professionalism while keeping viewer focus firmly fixed on what truly matters, which is creating compelling content.

Tips for Creating Engaging Content Without Showing Your Face

As I mentioned, going faceless on YouTube can elevate your channel and open up monetization possibilities.

To create engaging content without showing your face, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a captivating voice: Your voice will be the main attraction, so develop a clear, engaging tone.
  • Focus on storytelling: Create compelling narratives that draw viewers in and keep them hooked until the end without relying on visuals of yourself.
  • Experiment with different formats: Diversify your channel's content styles, such as tutorials, listicles, and vlogs, to cater to other audience tastes.
  • Use high-quality visuals: You can still use visual elements such as animations, graphics, and footage to enhance your content.
  • Utilize creative editing techniques: Try different editing styles, such as jump cuts, montages, or overlays, to add interest and excitement to your videos.
  • Engage with your audience: Engage your viewers through comments, social media, or live streams to build a connection and keep them coming back.
  • Have a strong personality or character: Create a character or persona that represents the essence of your channel and content if you don't want to show your face.
  • Use music and sound effects: Background music or sound effects can add depth and emotion to your videos without relying solely on visuals.
  • Keep it authentic: Be genuine and authentic to yourself in all aspects of your content creation, whether you show your face or not.
  • Pay attention to audio quality: In faceless YouTube channels, audio quality is more important than visuals, so invest in a good microphone and eliminate background noise as much as possible.
    Engage with comments and feedback: Interact with your audience through comments, messages, or social media platforms to build connections and foster community around your channel.

Keep true to yourself by consistently delivering high-quality content and exploring new ways to entertain and engage viewers without revealing your identity behind the camera!

Final Thoughts

Going faceless on YouTube can be a daunting decision, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for content creation. I am going to try this route soon. I hope this will help you to learn how you can create engaging and unique videos that captivate your audience without ever showing your face.

The best way is use Canva Pro, its a great way to experiment using their templates and story boards to help you engage with your audience, and have fun with your content – the endless possibilities of faceless YouTube awaits for you and me.

Going faceless on YouTube is my next step after I finish loading all of the rest of my Pinterest pins and videos for the whole month of December. After that I can focus on trying YouTube, maybe TikTok for short captivating videos.I have a huge collections of videos and phots of my travels and I could use those in my videos. I will be experimenting with this.

PS: Have any of you thought about doing this? If you already done it, how did it go for you. I know some already are using their face. I am asking for faceless videos.

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Recent Comments


Brenda, thank you so much for your fantastic post. I've found that YouTube is one of the most effective strategies and I've been researching how to create faceless videos. I agree that YouTube shorts are an effective strategy as they are straight and precise, making it easy to engage with the audience. I often use Canva and it's becoming clear how it can help me with that. Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Hi Achille, yes, you are right about YouTube being an effective strategy. I will add "marketing strategy." I love Canva Pro; their templates are much easier to use and save a lot of time when designing using the old way with Photoshop.

Wow this sure is timely for me. I recently started up two YouTube channels. Now I always thought I was a decent lookin' guy, at least in my younger days, but I have always been lazer focused on everything I attempt. So my 'furrowed brow' vids just came across as way too intense. I guess I could work on forcing a smile when I'm recording.

But the point about wider audience I think is well taken. People are influenced right out of the gate by what they see and initial impressions may exclude people who don't entirely resonate with your individual demographic...thanks for this tip! I also think that the point about focusing on voice is well taken as well...

Grant, yeah, you are a handsome Kenny Rogers look-alike. I do understand why some can use their face. I am one of those who do not feel comfortable putting my face out there in video. Yes, I agree that “people are influenced by what they see.” It goes in both ways, with a face or without. Im glad you are laser-focused; that's important. Yes, voiceovers. In my case, I have to use AI voice there is AI available. I could use that. I'm Deaf, and I can't speak well enough, so the text-to-speech is fantastic. Canva Pro is great way to use templates there for videos. First get Pinterest done for December. Then I can focus on videos.

Well thank you for the compliment Brenda! I'm not as photogenic as I used to be..far from it..so i'm going to try faceless w/ just audio...really think the YouTube channel is critical to my biz...

I wish you all the best with your YouTube channel!

Thank You! :D


I have seen loads of people who talk about faceless YouTube automation without knowing what they are talking about. It is one of the topics that I am most passionate about in the online business world. I have 2 faceless YouTube channels. One is monetized and the other one is close to meeting the requirements. Both are almost completely done with AI. And combining it with affiliate marketing, I make a significant amount of money from my channels and ad revenue. If you are considering it, I highly recommend that you take the leap. From my research, the biggest challenge you may have to grapple with is finding the right mentorship. If you get that right, there's no reason why you can't quickly build up that income stream. And with you background in affiliate marketing, you sure have an edge. Cheers!

Hi there. That is awesome. I am impressed you have knowledge about this. How do you do that with AI? I'm curious. Do you use a software program for that? So you’ve been doing this before you joined WA?

Yes, that's my next step after I complete all my pins and small videos for Pinterest in December. Yes, definitely. I’ve been doing things on my own but I do have support here from WA members these people are my mentors. No questions about that.

I encourage you to share your experience with us about YouTube on your WA blog post when you are ready. It would be helpful content. I want to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing! Cheers to you too!

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, I have been involved in YouTube automation and affiliate marketing for some time. I have 2 websites even outside Wealthy Affiliate. But I plan on moving them here.

As for YouTube automation, that's actually where much of my money comes from. I have two channels.

Truth is, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since mid-2022. For some reason, I left.

For my love for writing and comparing the platform with others, I really think this is where I want to be for my text content business, mostly for the convenience and the ability you have to truly support whoever you refer here to truly succeed.

No other platform has this. Wealthy Affiliate is truly the leader, despite the imperfection.

As for the question about using AI, it's easier than you think. I can count, off the top of my head, up to 15 software that you can use to generate videos. But the thing is, just generating some random and low-quality videos won't take a person far on YouTube. There are core strategies that go with it. It goes without saying that the right mentorship is key. You should know this already.

Wow. That's impressive skills to have. I didn't know you were here before. I'm happy you are back! I agree it's the best!


Yes, you are right. I'm not going to buy into to those gurus out there who teach this like that young kid Matt (he teaches that he has a course about how to do it). I wouldn't use low-quality videos. I like to use real photographs and videos. I always have a focus for visual aesthetics. Due to my Deafness I see the world with my 👀!

I have thousands of photos of my own and videos too. Most are from my travels to other places. I will need to learn how to do this with software. Only one I know are Pictory, Screen Pal, or Screen Flow too expensive for my Mac laptop. Thanks for the info.

It would depend on what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Regarding Matt Par, I'm his fan. He is truly not a fake guru. If you are talking about YouTube automation 'fake guru" you should be talking about people like Omari and one Razvan.

Not like they are completely fake, their courses are not worth it and they lack the kind of expertise that they claim.

One interesting thing I found when I researched Omari is that his channel is not even monetized. Razvan has over a decade-old channel that struggles with 30+ YouTube channels and he charges $6000 for a crappy course.

Before I forget another guru you should not go close to his course is Dave Nick. Dave is good at YouTube automation, but his coaching courses suck.

For Matt, his course has the best track record of success and support. And Matt truly makes money from YouTube automation.

Another guy that would have been good is Mackey. But the problem is that he teaches some black hat tactics that can hurt your channels sooner rather than later.

And plus you can even get Matt's course for half the price of Mackey's course even though Matt has more expertise and a better organized course.

Trust me, if you want a YouTube automation course that works, I haven't found a better option than Matt. And I have seen over 15 courses on faceless YouTube automation. Matt tops the chat. Cheers! But before you buy any course, your goals should be clear.

I ain't paying $997 USD for Matt Parr’s course no way! That's definitely unaffordable. It is a high ticket course. Nor would I ever touch the others either. I won't ever buy any course out there none other than WA. That's it. WA P Plus expert classes discusses the exact same method as that Par kid. I believe you that the kid know his stuff just like Adam Enfroy. He's another one I would never buy why all teach the same thing here for less than 500 a year for P plus membership. $997 course what the $&@! Highway robbery! Yes they talk about value blah blah they forgot that average low income people can't afford that nor can seniors like myself who live in an assisted living paying for care here so that makes it virtually impossible to pay. That's my selling point telling people they can get the exact same value for more by coming here at WA. I promote WA that's my niche. So you did pay 997 for his course that crazy. I ain't paying nobody for anything I got everything here! No highway robbery!

LOL, I get your point. And it may be a distraction for you. I only wanted to point out that his course is good. And it works. I actually didn't get it for that price. It's sold for half that price if you are buying through the webinar. Since WA serves you well, you may not bother about these other options. Don't get too distracted. cheers!

Thanks for the support. Yes, I do not need the distraction. That I agree with. Cheers!

Hi - I currently manage 4 YouTube channels and a TikTok account, and all the videos are faceless.

They are relatively new, so I haven't yet hit the dizzy heights of monetization, as that requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

However, the numbers are creeping up, so fingers crossed!

And, if the content is relevant, you can use the same video on YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest!

Pinterest videos get a lot more engagement than just images.

Hi Diane,

I am aware that you are doing this. I will be consulting with you about that after I complete all of my full month of December pins and pin videos from Canva Pro.

After that, this is my next step with YouTube to start. TikTok, I'm not sure about it.

Interesting! I put out like two weeks worth of videos and pins and my videos got the lowest score compared to the pins. Now for December, I am working on a different approach.

No problem, my door is always open!


It is on my list of To Do's. I will be using a cartoon type character. Just planning it out. Thanks for the canva tip😉😊

Yes, that will be fun. Good plan! Thanks for sharing this.

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