Two of my articles from AI Author Promoting WA is Ranking on Page 1 Google!

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Hi Everyone! My WA Peeps! ๐Ÿ˜€

Good news!

Both articles I wrote with AI "assisted author" were edited with my personality voice, sharing my personal experience with WA. The articles are in question format (as Prince Partha taught us to do) and ranked on page 1 in Google. The first one is on page 1, in the top position. The second one is, I think, down on the bottom.

I wish I could give you screenshots. I don't want to do that because I fear someone copying me.

It already has happened to me.

A few days ago, GSC complained I had "Duplicate Content. It is not related to the two articles that got ranked in Google.

GSC only refers to content on your website, not others, according to DianeScorpio. I had to do more further research as people answered my query.

See my questions here.

Instead of writing to everyone there. My best bet is to write this post instead and, at the same time, inform you of the news that AI Author does work; however, you must still follow and adhere to Google E.E.A.T Guidelines and Helpful Content.


I could not determine if it was copied from another website or my own. I worked on it yesterday. I could not verify if it were from my site at first, but then I took a look because the permalinks had spellings similar to the keyword. Still, I made them different words, for example, "online business," and added "onlinebusinessventure" that would not inherently cause "duplicate content"? Could it? Maybe that's why?

GSC does not specify. I had to go to the duplicate checker website to find out the tool I used was SEO Review Tools. It will show both internal duplicates and external duplicates. I had both.

From my readings of other sources, our website can have up to 25% duplicate content." It was suggested that similar articles be created for one mega page or one canonical post.

That's what I did. Even though both articles were a little similar. Instead, I combined both into one article and re-wrote it, requested for indexed. It was indexed the same day a couple of hours later.

I don't know if that would change the outcome of the "duplicate content." I also went to the person's site. It looked like someone copied me, but I do not want to cause anyone harm or hurt their feelings by sharing this publicly out of respect.

It probably was a newbie doing this. I did provide the snippet screenshot with the URL of the site content from someone else. I submitted a DMCA.

Here is the step on how to do that.

To combat content "copyright theft." you can submit a DMCA request to Google. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act - a copyright law in the United States.

Here's how to file a DMCA request:

  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • Go to the Google Copyright Removal page.
  • Provide the necessary information, including a snippet of the duplicated content, the page where your original content is found, and where the stolen content is located.
  • You must make a legal statement, swearing that your information is truthful.

After submitting the form, Google will send you an automated response. However, they won't update you on the status of your request or whether the infringing content has been removed.

The best way to keep tabs on the situation is by monitoring the search engine rankings for that specific content until Google takes action.

So, let's see how this goes. I have to give this some time.

Meanwhile, as Partha teaches, I continue to focus on creating content on my website.

I am working on answering the question using it in green highlights. I will ensure it's the green color code that a screen reader can read.

I haven't experimented with it yet, but I am working on it for my other articles. Jonathan's site (XLive) post about his experiment can also be seen.

I encourage you to try that method. You never know. It might just work for you. As the saying goes, "You will never know unless you do it."


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Glad to hear you are ranking well on Google, but so sorry to hear that someone has duplicated some of your writing. How low-life is that! We all face the same challenges and all have the ability to do well on our own if we just bother to learn what is necessary. It is so dishonest to "steal" someone else's content. It's good you give us ideas how to avoid such an issue.

Hi Fran, yes, that's the risk when you put yourself out there. The steps that I did I hope it works. Meanwhile, I am moving forward! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you Brenda

I am sorry to hear Google suggested that one of your posts is duplicate content. It seems to me Google has been making quite a bit of mistakes lately.

Some members told me that they have had problems with Google with the same thing. I hope you can get this cleared up soon


I hope so too! ๐Ÿ˜€ Moving forward.

That is excellent news to hear Brenda, very well done!

Just out of interest and you don't need to share this here if you don't want to my friend...

But, how old is this site and how many articles have you published so far??


My site isnt that old. Still a new site. My old one from 2019 was trashed I started a new one in November then started doing more with AI author

A very new site then Brenda and I will ask again....

Out of curiosity, how many articles do you have on it my friend??

Great news Brenda!

And thanks for mentioning my experiment, a bit unexpected for me actually!

I have actually posted an update about it.

Happy for you Brenda!

Hi Jonathan, sure, you are welcome. Yes, I saw your updated post. I am going to read it later. I want to finish that article and get one published in the hubs. During lunchtime, I will catch up on reading your post today. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sounds good! :)

I responded to your post a few minutes ago! Excellent read, that is exciting news! ๐Ÿ˜€

That is very good news. Very encouraging too ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I agree it is encouraging.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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One Profit Ready Website
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