Believe In People, Starting with Yourself. Here's Why.

Last Update: Nov 16, 2021

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I've spent the last six months in a season of transition between careers. And it's okay. I'm not panicking.

To clarify: I was starting to panic a little, but I got over it...

On a financial level, I've been sustained in this season partly because of the Wealthy Affiliate community, both in terms of affiliate commissions and the principles I keep learning and applying to my marketing.

But on an even bigger and more important level, this happens to be a community in which people tend to support one another outrageously. I've been a church leader for my entire adult life and wish I could see churches exhibiting the kind of supportive energy I see here.

There is tremendous power in believing in people and telling them so.

My wife keeps telling me she believes in me. Old bosses do, too. And people I barely know who reach out about opportunities for which they see me as a good fit.

That all humbles me because I feel pretty undeserving. But it also fuels me.

And the reason the faith others express in me moves me so deeply is that I struggle to believe in myself. And you might, too.

I just want to encourage you to do two things today.

First, believe in someone, and tell them about it. It might just lift their spirits and shape them toward success.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, believe in yourself. You DO have what it takes to pull out ahead and be successful. And the more you believe in YOU, the more you will accomplish.

Now, time to go take my own advice...

Recent Comments


I certainly can relate to that, Brandon.
Beliving that others are better than I am has been a stumbling block. I seem to have put that behind me now.
No going backwards!

Best success to you, Brandon!


Great advice and encouragement Brandon. All the best with your new ventures.


Thanks for sharing Brandon!


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