Affiliate Marketing For Small And Start-Up Businesses

Last Update: January 29, 2020

New for 2020, small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs can become clients of Awin Access and benefit from immediate access to Awin's 200,000 vetted publishers.

159 businesses in the UK were included in Awin's successful pilot operation which commenced in March 2019 and Awin are now looking to extend this model to other countries. Their services are offered to this huge market place of smaller businesses with minimal outlay, simple integration, reduced commitment, no setup costs and offering low-risk commercials.

Once accepted by Awin, clients can immediately use their platform to build partnerships and are supported with online tutorials and chatbot. With excellent tracking and reporting the platform offers an ethical secure solution to boost traffic and sales for young businesses to thrive.

Pilot Run Successes

During the 8 months' pilot period 159 businesses benefited from well over £1million of affiliate sales. Three results highlighted within the Awin website:

  1. Hersey & Son are one of the few remaining traditional silversmiths in the UK. They have used the Awin facilities to the full including recruitment through the Publisher Directory, negotiating deals via the Opportunity Marketplace, communicating regularly in the News Manager, encouraging promotions by using Scheduled Commission Changes and use of the My Offerssection to increase basket spend.
    RESULTS They now have an attractive affiliate program with an excellent conversion rate of 5% and an average order value over £75. With an 8% starting commission rate and 600 silver items to promote they have attracted 69 affiliates during the pilot. Year on year traffic has increased 29%, overall sales are up close to 25%. Their affiliate channel is already driving 15% of online sales and their success has enabled them to expand their re-targeting base on other marketing channels.
  2. An interesting entry to affiliate marketing was presented by Homeward Legal, a conveyancing services company looking for a cost-effective way to drive new customer acquisitions. Operating in a fiercely competitive sector they decided to test if affiliate marketing could rival the paid searches marketing which was the primary advertising channel.
    RESULTS Within just 5 months they achieved their objectives and under a strict CPA target converted quality customers and the "paid on results" basis of affiliate marketing enabled them to convert over 600 customers within this high average customer spend sector.
  3. The owners of Showcase Beauty seek out the most effective products and get to know all of their founders personally. They offer specially curated sets of independent brands. They used their own website as a partner recruiting tool with a dedicated page encouraging recruits by featuring a beautifully designed publisher media pack.
    RESULTS Between March and September 2019 the programme had reached 10% of their online marketing activity and referred over 6,000 customers. Their average order value of £50 is 20% higher than paid search advertising.

The future of affiliate marketing is certainly looking rosy from both the businesses position and the advertisers (affiliate marketers)


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